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Andrássy, Julius Gyula der Ältere, Graf#

b. Košice, Slovakia (Kaschau), March 3, 1823, d. Volosca, Croatia (then Volosko), Feb. 18, 1890, politician; father of Count J. Andrássy the Younger. 1848/1849 leader of the Hungarian revolution, 1851 sentenced to death in his absence but granted an amnesty in 1857; together with F. Deák tried to bring about a reconciliation with Austria ( Compromise, Austro-Hungarian). 1867 first Hungarian Prime Minister; 1871-1879 appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy; negotiated the Three Emperors' League; occupied Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1878 and negotiated a defensive alliance (Zweibund) with Bismarck in 1879.


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