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Arsenal, military complex located in 3rd district of Vienna, built 1849-1856 as a result of the Revolution of 1848. The brick buildings constructed in the style of Romantic Historicism were designed by L. Foerster, T. Hansen, E. van der Nuell, C. Roesner and A. Sicard von Sicardsburg. The complex comprised a total of 72 buildings and is rectangular. The Museum of Military History was already included in the original plans for the complex. Its borders are formed by high, tower-like barracks and low depots. During both World wars, the Arsenal served as an army barracks and an arms factory. Since World War II, civilian facilities such as the central telecommunications agency, federal laboratories now called arsenal research, workshops of the Historical Monuments Authority and Bundestheater, the Austrian Institute for Economic Research and Burgtheater rehearsal stages have been housed in the Arsenal.