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Bäumer, Eduard#

b. Kastellaun im Hunsrueck (Germany), May 13, 1892, d. Munich (Germany), Jan. 21, 1977, painter, graphic artist. Studied at the Staedelsches Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt and became associated with the expressionists (M. Beckmann etc.), with Kandinsky, M. Buber and P. Hindemith. His early work shows strong influences from modern French art and J. Itten's theory of colours, as well as containing cubist elements. 1930/31 he met P. Picasso, G. Braque and H. Matisse in Paris and was deeply impressed by them, although his own style of painting became more conservative. From 1933, he lived in Salzburg and moved to Vienna in 1948, where he was made professor at the Academy of Applied Arts. 1964 he moved to Tropea in the Abruzzi.


owned by the Landesgalerie of Salzburg, the Museum of Applied Art and the Albertina in Vienna.


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