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Badener Kultur#

Baden Culture: Findings were unearthed in 1892 in the Koenigshoehle cave (west of Baden), which were assigned to the later Neolithic period. Among them were a great number of ceramics fragments, stone and bone tools and a copper neckring. These finds gave their name to the Baden Culture, a regional Neolithic culture in eastern Austria lasting from 3,300 to 2,800 B.C. The decoration of vessels with rows of flutes of varying breadth which form different patterns (fluting) is typical of this culture. Metals played only a minor role in tool making. Copper was used in the crafting of personal ornaments. The dwellings were mostly unfortified and situated on mountain slopes and in the uplands, for instance in the southern Vienna Woods. Influences from south-eastern Europe are evident ( Prehistory).