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Berger-Waldenegg, Egon#

b. Vienna, Feb. 14, 1880, d. Graz (Styria), Sept. 12, 1960, law scholar, politician (Heimwehr), landowner. From 1902 in the administration of Lower Austria, 1907-1918 (with exception of the war years 1914-1916) at the Foreign Ministry, 1929 joined the Styrian Heimatschutz (para-military force), 1931 involved in the coup known as Pfrimer-Putsch, later joined E. R. Starhemberg. 1934 deputy Landeshauptmann of Styria, on July 10, 1934 appointed Justice Minister by E. Dollfuss (until October 1935); on July 25, 1934 placed the para-military Heimatschutz movement throughout Austria on alert against potential aggression from the National Socialists; from August 3, 1934 to May 14, 1936 Foreign Minister. 1936-1938 Austrian envoy to Rome, stayed in Italy after the Anschluss, took Italian citizenship, 1944 founded an "Austrian Bureau" in Rome. 1948 returned to Austria in a private capacity.


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