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Fehring, Styria, town in the district of Feldbach, alt. 272 m, pop. 3,201, area 29.59 km2, industrial and business site, as well as secondary traffic junction on the Raab River, located east of Feldbach near the border of Burgenland and Slovenia. - Hadik-Kaserne barracks, indoor sports arena. Nearly 70 % of the population (1991) is employed in the production sector: electronics (conductor panels), building materials, paints, textile (children´s clothing) and furniture industry, cement works; poultry farm. - First documented mention in 1265. In 1945 Fehring was largely destroyed, became a town in 1962; Baroque parish church (1716-1723; rebuilt after 1945) with a Gothic choir surrounded by fortifications, city gate (1615, widened around 1870) and a round tower (15th century), Stein Castle (in Petzelsdorf, 2nd half of 19th century) with a vocational school for agricultural studies.