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Fellner, Ferdinand der Jüngere#

Fellner, Ferdinand jr., b. Vienna, April 19, 1847, d. Vienna, March 22, 1916, architect of the "Ringstrasse" period. At the beginning of his career, worked in the atelier of his father Ferdinand F. sr. (1815-1871). Together with his partner H. Helmer he founded the "F. & Helmer" atelier in 1873, which existed until 1920. Architects who worked for the atelier included F. Krauss, E. Gotthilf-Miskolczy and F.'s son Ferdinand (1872-1911). F. & Helmer became especially famous as experts in the construction of theatres, which they mostly saw as "Gesamtkunstwerk", i.e. the synthesis of arts. They built about 50 buildings of this kind in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (Graz Opera, Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Vienna Volkstheater) and abroad. They are also known for their remarkable achievements in the field of residential architecture (Palais Sturany, Vienna, from 1874) and in the construction of hotels and department stores (Rothberger-Kranner department stores, Vienna, destroyed in 1945). As masterly and future-oriented representatives of late historicism, they combined ornamental imagination and functional structure not only in neo-baroque forms but also in stylistic variations on the art of the Secession.


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