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Gallneukirchen, Upper Austria, market town in the district of Urfahr-Umgebung, alt. 337 m, pop. 5,114 (1981: pop. 4,398), area 5.16 km2, situated on the left bank of the Grosse Gusen, in the eastern Muehlviertel region northeast of Linz. - Headquarters of the provincial police, Protestant Diakoniewerk charity (care facilities, sheltered workshops for disabled people, school for social professions, etc.), missionaries of Mariannhill (Riedegg Castle), recreation centre. 1991: 1597 employed persons, half of whom in the service sector (especially social services) and half in the manufacturing sector: manufacture of kitchen furniture, tyre retreading company, metal industry, roofing company, preparation of and trade in blood sera, production of dental instruments; removals company (specialised in transporting art objects). - Parish church, Romanesque-Gothic pier basilica (13th /14th century) with excellent Rococo interior; Hohenstein late-Gothic and Baroque church. Archeological finds from the Gallneukirchen Basin in the "Heimathaus" local history museum.


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