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Geras, Lower Austria, town in the district of Horn, alt. 460 m, pop. 1,531, area 67.67 km2, situated in the north eastern part of the Waldviertel region, close to the Czech border. - On the circuit of the Horn district court, district chamber of agriculture, sports ground, vocational school for hotel and restaurant trade, nature preserve; tourism. Survey of the town 1928. - Monastery of Praemonstratensian Canons (centre of art and cultural education), founded 1153 as double monastery Geras-Pernegg, originally Romanesque abbey church with Gothic choir, west tower and façade (1665-1667), rich Baroque interior (1730), ceiling painting (around 1770) by F. Zoller; the monastery itself was enlarged and altered in the 17th century, altered in the Baroque style by J. Munggenast 1736-1740, painting in the ball room by P. Troger, library. Special exhibitions, art courses; old dairy farm building from 1666; silo (1670, today hotel); since 1989 priory in Fritzlar (Germany).


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