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Hämmerle, Theodor#

b. Dornbirn, Jan. 16, 1859, d. Vienna, Feb. 15, 1930, textile producer; grandson of Franz Martin Haemmerle. Head of the Viennese branch of the F. M. Haemmerle company. Generous patron of music, founded several scholarships, owned an extensive private collection of musical instruments and held more than 700 soirees of chamber music at his house. Chairman of the Wiener Konzertverein (Vienna Concert Association) and its successor music society the Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft; proposed the establishment of a music school in Dornbirn. His brother Martin H. (1874-1946), head of the parent company in Vorarlberg was also greatly interested in music (founding member of the Society of the Friends of Music in Dornbirn in 1902 of which he was chairman for 10 years).