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Neo-absolutism, form of government after the end of the Revolution of 1848/49 (dissolution of the Kremsier, Reichstag of on March 7, 1849, capitulation of Hungary and suspension of the constitution by the Silvesterpatent (New Year's Eve Patent) of 1851. An imperial council convoked by the Emperor was useless, the state was governed centralistically; main representatives were A. v. Bach. The Peasants, Emancipation of was not influenced by Neo-absolutism; secondary schools and universities were reformed, after the Concordat of 1855 the Church was in control of elementary education. The economy saw its first period of rapid industrial expansion; after the demolition of the city walls in 1858, Vienna was considerably enlarged. Austria's defeat by France and Sardinia was a turning point and initiated Austria´s development towards a constitutional state with the issuing of the Oktoberdiplom on October 20, 1860 and the February Patent of February 26, 1861. However, Neo-absolutism did not end until the constitution of 1867 was passed.


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