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Global-Geography.org is part of a larger project called Austria-Forum trying to provide trustworthy information on many aspects, most of it in German. However, the language of the Geography part is English and its aims are ambitious. If German still shines through still in (very few) places, do except our apologies, those remnants will disappear as time goes by.

The team is headed by Professor Hermann Maurer, with Professor Martin Ebner as young and capable backup. Maurer is temporary chair of the Global-Geography consortium.

The work is supported by a number of universities and organisations so that the financial support of the server is assured for the next years. It is hoped that more and more members of the growing consortium will, via projects or institutions, be able to support the project.

The Team supporting the Consortium#

Building which currrently houses the majority of efforts for global-geography.

Technical Team (in alphabetical order)#

Scientific Team (in alphabetical order)#

Editorial Team (in alphabetical order)#


Global-Geography, c/o H. Maurer
Inffeldgasse 16c
A-8010 Graz
E-Mail: office@global-geography.org