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Rizwan Mehmood#

I have finnished my Ph.D. from Graz University of Technology under the supervision of Professor Hermann Maurer in July 2106, then returned to Pakistan. I have authored a number of papers concerning Austria-Forum and global-geography.org and was member of the software development team of Austria Forum.

The project shown below is about geography. As a starting point we have gathered information from different data sources. There are two objectives of this information integration.

  1. Building a large geographical server displaying different aspects relating to any particular country.
  2. Checking the reliability of data, a difficult but important research aspect whose solution will be part of my Ph.d. thesis.

I started my professional career as a Software Engineer. I joined Makabu (a leading software company in Pakistan) in 2005 and was involved in the development and design of many desktop and web applications. I provided my services to Aspire solutions afterwards and designed various static and dynamic web applications. I joined ERRA (a public sector organization which was developed to monitor the projects after the disastrous earthquake in Pakistan) as system analyst in August 2007 and supervised the data engineering group. I worked as Research Associate in NUST (National University of Science and Technology) for two years.

My main research areas are:
Information architecture, multimedia information systems, Web based learning; languages; artificial intelligence; information retrieval; Web 2.0; semantic Web; database.

Evaluation of stories#

We have conducted an evaluation using students of Tu Graz about the stories of the countries


Project #