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St. Petersburg Dali Museum#

St. Petersburg Dali Museum
St. Petersburg Dali Museum, May 2013, © Ewald Judt, under CC BY 4.0

St. Petersburg 27.773056,-82.64 is a city in Pinellas County in Florida. It covers an area of 137.6 sq mi (356.4 sq km) and has a population of 253,693 (as of the 2014 census). The city is the second largest city in the Tampa Bay Area after Tampa and is also the largest city in Florida that is not a county seat. St. Petersburg was founded in 1888 by John C. Williams and Peter Demens. To find a name for the land the two tossed a coin and the winner, in this case Peter Demens, named the land after Saint Petersburg in Russia. The town was incorporated as a town on February 29, 1892 and re-incorporated as a city on June 6, 1903.

The Salvador Dalí Museum 27.766,-82.6315 is an art museum dedicated to the work of Salvador Dalí. It houses the largest collection of his work outside Europe. The museum opened on January 11, 2011 and features a large glass entryway and skylight made of 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) thick glass. In order to protect the collection from hurricanes, the walls are composed of 18-inch (45.72 cm) thick concrete.