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Blanz, Paul#

* 23. 12. 1949, Munich

O.Univ.-Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Paul Blanz


Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften
Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
Holteigasse 6
A-8010 Graz
Tel.: ++43-316-380-5694, Fax: ++43-316-380 9883
Email: paul.blanz@uni-graz.at

Curriculum Vitae#


23. December 1949. Munich (Germany)


1970–1974 Study of Biology at the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich

1974-1977 Dissertation (Ph.D.), Dr. rer. nat. (Botany) at Eberhard Karl University, Tübingen

1985 Habilitation and Venia legendi (Botany and Microbiology) at Eberhard Karl University, Tübingen

Professional experiences:

1977–1986 University assistant at Eberhard Karl University, Tübingen 1986-1993 Professorship at the University Bayreuth 1993- Full Professorship at Karl-Franzens-University Graz

External stays:

8/1979–9/1980 Research assistant at University of Illinois at Urbana/champaign, USA, with Prof. Dr. Carl R. Woese

Present Field of Research:

Taxonomy of Central European rust fungi on the basis of morphological, ecological and molecular studies 2

Teaching activities:

Systematic Botany, Mycology, Evolution, Plant Pathology, Biotechnology and Gentechnology in Plants and Fungi, Molecular Biology of Fungi

Special Teaching:

3-4/1986 Teaching the course "Systematics and Evolution of Basidiomyce-tous Yeasts" together with Prof. Dr. F. Oberwinkler and Dr. G. Deml at Oeiras/Portugal (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)

8/1988 Teaching the course "Molecular Methods in Yeast Taxonomy" together with Clete P. Kurtzman (Peoria, Illinois), M.A. Lachance (University of Western Ontario) und T. Nakase (Japan Collection of Microorganisms, Riken) at Oeiras/Portugal (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation) 1-4/1992 Guest professorship at the Institute for Applied Microbiology of the Tokyo University; cooperation with Prof. Dr. Junta Sugiyama; lectures at the Tokyo University, at RIKEN in Wakoshi/Saitama, at the Hiroshima University, at the Shiitake-Institute in Tottori, and at the Institute of Fermentation in Osaka

Scientific Community:

Biological und microbiological institutes in Tokyo, Tsukuba, Osaka, Tottori, Sendai and Sapporo giving lectures 8/1985 Cooperation with Dr. Clete Kurtzman at the Northern Regional Research Laboratoires of the US Governments for Agriculture in Peoria/ Illinois, USA Reassociation of eukaryontic DNA

3-4/1989 Participation at the UCLA-Symposium "Molecular and cellular biology of yeasts and filamentous fungi" in Steamboat Springs, Colorado; lectures at the Universities of California at Davis and Berkeley, lecture at the University of Oregon at Corvallis 2-4/1990 Guest in the Lab of Prof. Dr. John Taylor at the University of California in Berkeley; DNA amplification by PCR

8/1990 Treasurer of the 4th International Mycological Congress in Regensburg

1990-1994 Treasurer of the Section Mycology of the German Botanical Society

10-12/1991 Guest in the Lab of Prof. Dr. John Taylor at the University of California in Berkeley; DNA isolation from fungi and PCR

9/1991 Organization and handling of the Annual Meeting of the Section Mycology of the German Botanical Society in Bayreuth 3

1992-2008 Member of the Founding Council of the Society for Mycology and Lichenology; Committee member

5/1995- Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

9/1995 – 9/1999 Treasurer of the Austrian Society of Genetic and Gene Technology (Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Genetik und Gentechnik)

4/1996-12/2012 Member of the Commission for Interdisciplinary and Ecological Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

2002- Member of the Editorial Board of Mycological Progress 7/2005 Member of the program committee of the XVIIth International Botanical Congress in Vienna

Stand: 2013

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