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Mihajlović, Aleksandar#

* 31. 8. 1987, New York (USA)

Aleksandar Mihajlović, Msc.

Naturwissenschaften, Geschichte

Aleksandar Mihajlović
Researcher at the Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Knez Mihailova 36, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia;

phone: +381 63 422 413; email: mihajlovic@mi.sanu.ac.rs

Date of Birth: August 31st, 1987
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Nationality: Serbian American


2005 – 2008: BSc in Computer Science, New York Institute of Technology, New York, New York, United States
2009 – 2012: MSc in Theoretical Informatics, Fakultaet fuer Informatik und Mathematik, Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Munich, Germany
2013 – present: PhD in Informatics, School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

Career History#

2007 – 2009: Vice president of IEEE (chapter at New York Institute of Technology)
2009 – 2010: Software developer at Ergoneers GmbH Muenchen, specialized in the development of gaze tracking systems for ergonomic design of automobile interiors (BMW dash/control board configuration) „Blickerfassungsystem entwiklung“
2012 – present: Researcher at the Instute for Mathematics, of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, currently specializing in digitization of cultural heritage content and development of efficient semantic search algorithms and storage schemes for digitized cultural heritage content

Career-related Activities & Memberships#

Member of the ACM
Member of the IEEE
Member of Upsilon Pi Epsilon

Research Fields#

Specialized in data mining algorithms, web semantics and search algorithms
Ongoing research focus is on the development of innovative and novel bioinformatics data mining algorithms
Specifically, data mining algorithms involved in Big genomic data. The data includes diesease related genetic data and other biological markers that influence the gene data
Current research in the development of data mining based semantic search algorithms for the purpose of efficient cultural heritage content searching

Interests and Expertise#

  • Informatics history and application (thorough knowledge),
  • Mathematics,
  • Genetics and genome sciences (thorough knowledge)
  • Historical development of firearms (thorough knowledge),
  • Aeronautics and avionics,
  • American and European history (thorough knowledge)
  • Military history (good knowledge)
  • Cinematography (good knowledge)
  • Serbian literature (good knowledge)
  • Religion and world denominations (good knowledge)
  • German philosophy - idealism and rationalism (ok knowledge)

Stand: 2013