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Early Modern Period#

Costanzo Festa: Quis dabit oculis#

Totenbildnis Maximilians I.
Portrait of the dead Maximilian I.
© Alte Galerie des Steiermärkischen Landesmuseums Joanneum, Graz

Flyer picture of Maximilians I.
Flugblattbild Maximilians I.
© Universitätsbibliothek Salzburg, Sondersammlungen, Sign. 549 III.

The funeral motet Quis dabit oculis on the death of Emperor Maximilian I was not a new composition Ludwig Senfls. Senfl adapted an older work by the Italian composer Costanzo Festa (ca 1490 - 1545). This may have been the result of Maximilian's sudden death but was more likely caused by the musical situation at the court. For financial reasons but also because Maximilian moved his residence often (the court chapel was expected to always accompany the ruler) the number and quality of the musicians that were available at a given time was not always stable, like for example at the Burgundian court.

The illustrations show a portrait of the dead Maximilian I (1459 Wiener Neustadt/Lower Austria - 1519 Wels/Upper Austria) and a printed report by Joerg Pleyer on his death. (E. Stadler)), respectively.

Sound Clip#

Sound clip of Costanzo Festa: "Quis dabit oculis"
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