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Viennese Classic#

Georg Druschetzky: Allegro#


Georg Druschetzky's (1745 Westboehmen - 1819 Buda) Variazioni fuer acht Blasinstrumente und Bass (Variations for 8 wind instruments and Double Bass) (1784) uses the popular setting of the so-called Harmoniemusik: Oboe, Clarinette, Horn und Bassoon - in pairs. Druschetzky counted as a great Tympani expert and eventually assumed the leadership of the Harmoniemusik of the Hungarian Prince-Palatine Archduke Joseph Anton Johann. Taken as a whole, compositions for wind ensemble make up a good part of Druschetzky's works. The music by Druschetzky that has survived all over Middle Europe today is proof of his great popularity and the broad diffusion of his works. (E. Stadler)

Sound Clip#

Georg Druschetzky: Allegro
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