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Georg Muffat: Sonata V a.d. Armonico tributo#

Armonico tributo
Title page of "Armonico tributo"

Georg Muffa's (1653 Megéve/Savoy - 1704 Passau/Germany) collection Armonico tributo cio ‚ Sonate di camera comodissime a pocchi ò a molti stromenti (Salzburg 1682) was composed for the celebration of 1100 years of the bishopric of Salzburg. What sets these sonatas apart is the variety of settings for various groupings (from the Trio to the Concerto) as is already indicated in the title. The forces required could adapt to the number of msuicians available or the place of performance. In the following musical example, you can hear a full string orchestra which is contrasted in more elaborate sections by a solo trio (= concerto grosso technique). (E. Stadler)

Sound Clip#

1. Movement (Allemande) of the Sonata V G-Dur.
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