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Josef Schrammel: 'Bei guter Laune' (In a good mood)#

Brüder Schrammel
Schrammel brothers

The music of the Schrammel brothers, who were trained folkmusicians in the 19th c, has survived over the decades as a form unto itself with specific instruments: 2 violins, clarinet in G and a bass guitar. Such works have clear harmonies and easily-learned melodies for singing in the typically Viennese wine-houses (Heuriger) but their real charm is the openness for an individual interpretation, so they are seldom given an authentic performance. Bei guter Laune (In a good mood) by Josef Schrammel (1852 - Vienna - 1895) is an example of the attempt to reconstruct missing material in the correct style with the tradition as the point of departure. The illustration shows a typical Viennese Wine House (Wiener Heurigenlokal) from the turn of the century, where musical wishes are also fulfilled. (M. Saary)

Sound Clip#

Josef Schrammel: Bei guter Laune
(In a good mood)
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