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Karl Hodina: Herrgott aus Stan#

Lieben Augustins
Karl Hodina

Lieben Augustins
Hodina's artistic interpretation of the popular Viennese character "Lieber Augustin"

Many Viennese songs treat the everyday person's relationship with God and death. This is sentimental but not tragic and has been the subjecct of many Wienerlieder (Viennese Songs). Herrgott aus Stan (Stein) written in 1956 has become the most popular paradigm of the folksong for its melody that emphasizes the spoken word (dialect) with a narrow (easily-sung) range, as well as for its harmonies and form. Paradigmen der Gattungen Volkslied. Karl Hodina (1935 Vienna), the composer and performer, is a painter in the style of Fantastic Realism and illustrator. The other illustration shows Hodina's artistic interpretation of the popular Viennese character Lieber Augustin, who, the saying goes, rescued himself from a mass grave for victims of the plague. (M. Saary)

Sound Clip#

Karl Hodina: Herrgott aus Stan
© 1988 EMI Columbia 12C 524 CDB 7903962, Interpreten: Duo Hodina