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Steirer from Goisern#

Steirer aus Goisern
Steirer from Goisern

The Laendler and its derivitave forms, such as Landler, Steirer, Wickler, etc. is the typical dance form in the Southern-German/Austrian area. The Steirer aus Goisern (Goisern/Upper Austria) is danced by pairs (Illustration) in 3/4 time with characteristic arm movements. The dancers accompany themselves by singing Gstanzln (Four line verses). The traditional Violin with Double-bass and other accompanying instruments, such as Zither, Harp, etc. (Hackbrett, Harfe) is often supplemented if not replaced by the newer harmonica. (G. Haid)

Sound Clip#

Steirer from Goisern
© Bschoad 46-213, Interpreten: Simon Geigen Musi