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Werner Pirchner: Signation Collage Oesterreich 1#

Werner Pirchner
Werner Pirchner

Someone, who could succeed in front of a critical audience as a Jazz musician in his youth (among others, with the Oscar Klein-Quartet), is well-aware of the subtle effect of musical material. Werner Pirchner (1940 Hall in Tirol) only started to write works for classical concert-artists in 1981 and founded the production company EU in 1989. In 1994, he won a contest for Sound-Design of the cultural radio program Österreich 1, which resulted in a new concept for the Signations used to identify the various programs: instead of just hearing a signal, the listener is confronted with a variety of identifying melodies that are played by the Radio Symphony Orchestra, enriched with natural sounds and electronically prepared for broadcasting. The emotional background of each program should be announced and attract the listener's attention. Pirchner (Illustration) achieves the aural identification by means of his clear concept employing even the smallest sound elements. The concept is perhaps more understandable with his Signation-Collage. (M. Saary)

Sound Clip#

Werner Pirchner: Signation-Collage Oesterreich 1
© 1996, Werner Pirchner, Collage für das Projekt A.E.I.O.U-Musik.