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Aflenz Kurort#

Aflenz (health resort), Styria, market town in the district of Bruck an der Mur, alt. 763 m, pop. 1,028, area 16.09 km2, climatic health resort and winter sports centre (92,333 overnight stays) on the pilgrimage route to Mariazell and at the southern foot of Hochschwab Mountain. - Rehabilitation centre (digestive and metabolic illnesses), hydrotherapy resort, double and triple chairlifts to the Buergeralm and Schoenleitenspitze mountains. Satellite station (1980). - Late Gothic church (1471-1510), Romanesque crucifix (12th century), altars from around 1770, paintings by J. A. Moelk (1774); late Gothic tower (1517), wayside shrine (around 1650), provost's residence (around 1600-1693), historical buildings (16th -19th centuries), Gewerkenhaus (mine owner's residence - 1800).

Further reading#

J. Riegler, Aflenz Kurort, Geschichte eines Marktes und Kurortes, 1990.