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Austria Film und Video GmbH#

Austria Film und Video GmbH, founded 1949 as "Austria Wochenschau GmbH", produces the monthly "Hallo Kino" cinema newsreel for Austrian cinemas as well as documentaries and informative films on popular subjects such as "The Spanish Riding School in Vienna" for foreign television stations. Austria Film und Video GmbH keeps a film archive of 35mm sound films, which can be transferred into all other formats and video systems.

The first newsreel in Austria was the "Sascha-Messter-Woche" in 1914, followed by an international newsreel 1931-1933; from 1934 to 1938 the weekly newsreel "Oesterreich in Bild und Ton, oesterreichische Wochenschau" (Austria in Pictures and Sound, Austrian Newsreel) appeared.