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Carlone, Künstlerfamilie#

Carlone, Italian-Swiss family of artists from the region of Lake Como and Lake Lugano. In addition to the two most important artists of the family, Carlo Carlone and Carlo Antonio Carlone, the following members worked in Austria:

Sebastian C. completed the mausoleum of Archduke Karl II in Seckau (1589-1612) designed by A. de Verda, and there is documentary mention of his having worked in Graz until 1614. Carlo Martino C. was the master builder who supervised the reconstruction of Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt in 1663-1672. Pietro Francesco C. (d. around 1681) was a master builder in Carinthia and Styria. Bartolomeo C. was a stucco plasterer who worked in Upper Austria in the years 1690-1707. Joachim C. was a master builder in Graz. Giovanni Battista C. was a master of elaborate, three-dimensional, white stuccowork, with which he decorated the buildings built by his brother Carlo Antonio (Schlierbach Monastery, 1684/1685).