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Galli-Bibiena, Antonio#

Galli-Bibiena, Antonio, baptized in Parma (Italy), Jan. 16, 1697, d. Milan (Italy), Jan. 28, 1774, architect, painter, son of Ferdinando Galli-Bibiena and brother of Giuseppe Giuseppe Galli-Bibiena. From 1721 G. and his brother Giuseppe regularly worked together as stage designers at the court of Vienna. Was appointed "Second Theatrical Engineer" in 1723 and redesigned the Grosse Hoftheater ("Large Court Theatre") in 1748, which had been built by his uncle Francesco and which then became the Grosse Redoutensaal ball room in the Imperial Palace. Made plans for the construction of the Hetztheater (animal baiting arena) in 1735 Baiting Ring. From 1736 held a 10-year privilege which allowed animal baiting. G. returned to Bologna in 1751.

Further works#

Extension to the presbytery, design of the high altar and the ceiling fresco below the organ gallery in the Peterskirche, a church in Vienna.