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Grimming Mountain, Styria, alt. 2,351 m, karstic, isolated massif east of the Dachstein mountains, made up of Dachstein Limestone, between Oeblarn in the Ennstal valley and the Ausseer Land region. Grimming mountain inn (966 m). On the western foot of the Grimming Mountain, power station with reservoir on the River Salza (catchment area 150 km2, length of the reservoir 5 km, storage capacity 10.5 million m3. - North of Grimming Mountain road between Bad Mitterndorf spa and the Ennstal valley. - The "Grimming-Tor" ("Grimming Gate") is a depression (of about 50 m) in the rocky south slope of the summit, which resembles a gate when the light comes from a certain angle.