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Kahlenberg Hill, 484 m, hill in the northern part of the Vienna woods with a superb view over Vienna, at the city boundaries close to Klosterneuburg, from 1874 to 1920 the Kahlenberg could be reached by cog railway, and the Hoehenstrasse scenic road was built in 1935. The Stephaniewarte restaurant, and a radio and TV transmitter were opened 1974 (pole 165 m high), Josefsdorf with Kahlenberg church (built from 1629 to 1639, damaged in 1683 and rebuilt until 1734). The church originally belonged to the Camaldolese order, which was dissolved by Joseph II in 1783, since 1906 it has been in the hands of Polish Resurrectionists. In the vestry of the church is the Sobieski chapel, which was built in 1930 in commemoration of King John III of Poland, who took over the command of the relieving army in 1683 when Vienna was under the second Turkish siege. Originally, Kahlenberg hill was called "Sauberg" and the name Kahlenberg or Kalenberg was used for what is now called Leopoldsberg Hill