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Karoly Skala#

Professor Karolj Skala
Professor Karolj Skala

Karolj Skala is Scientific Advisor at Ruđer Bošković Institute and Profesor at the University of Zagreb

CV of Professor Dr. Karoly Skala


  • 1974 - Graduate from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • 1974 - Employment at the Ruder Boskovic Institute
  • 1979 - Master's degree in electrical engineering in Zagreb
  • 1983 - PhD in Electrical Engineering in Zagreb
  • 1983 - Head of the Laboratory of Electronics at the Institute Ruder Boskovic, a former Department LAIR
  • 1997 - Head of the Laboratory for Optoelectronics and hypermedia systems in the Department of Electronics RBI
  • 1999 - Elected advisor RBI
  • 2001 - Appointed Head of the Computer Center RBI
  • 2003 - Head of the Center for Informatics and Computing RBI
  • 2003 - Appointedd Full Professor at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb

Fields of science

  • Wireless Communications

Specific research interests

  • Optoelectronic systems
  • Distributed systems


Conducting national research projects and programs:

  • Visual interfaces and technology transfer knowledge, 1996-2002
  • Detection of non-stationary sources and distributed information processing, 2002-2006
  • Methods of scientific visualization 2007-2010


  • Distributed Computing and Visualization 2007-2013 (4 projects, 4 institutions, 2 Zagreb, Rijeka 1, Split 1)

Technological projects

  • Head STIRP the CRO GRID applications 2004-2007
  • CRO GRID Infrastructure, STRIP 43/2002, coordinator of the IRB on the project, from 2004 to 2007

Management of IT projects

  • Network control and IC management of cluster computer, IT project, MST 2003
  • participant in the European Community project COST 254 and COST 276 in Croatian

Bilateral projects:

  • Development of New Technologies Grid for Advanced Scientific and Engineering Application, Institute for Software Science of the University of Vienna, Austria 2004
  • Inter Institutional testbed for e-Science applications, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, 2006
  • Parallel Application Development on Grid, SZTAKI, Budapest, HU-CRO bilateral project, the 2005th Leading EU FP6 / 7 projects
  • Grid Enabled Infrastructure Development, EU F6 Contract No: 002356 Commission of the European Communities, Brussels, 2004-2006.
  • CenVis - Centre for Scientific Visualisation, EU FP6, 2007-2009
  • IVAB - Interactive Visual Analysis of Bio-signals, the EU FP6, 2007
  • SEE-GRID - South Eastern European Grid-enabled eInfrastructure Development, 2004-2006 EU FP6
  • SEE-GRID-2 - South Eastern European Grid-enabled eInfrastructure Development 2, 2006-2008
  • SEE GRID SCI - SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for regional eScience, EU FP7, 2008-2010
  • DARIAH - Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, EU FP7, 2008-2010
  • EGEE-II - Enabling Grids for E-science-II, EU FP6, 2006-2008
  • EGEE-III - Enabling Grids for E-science-III, EU FP7, 2008-2010
  • AIS DC - Application Information Services for Distributed Computing Environments, EU FP7, 2011-2015

Awards and honors

  • Medal Arany Janos Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2010
  • Award INNOVATION SEE 2010
  • Award Director IRB 2010
  • Medal for achievement in teaching College of Business Administration, 2011


Ruđer Bošković Institute
Ruđer Bošković Institute

  • Member of the Croatian Academy of Engineering
  • Associate member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of Public Body of Hungarian Academy of Sciences
  • Member of the Scientific Council for research infrastructure at the Academy
  • Executive board of MIPRO
  • European Research Infrastructure Consortium, National Representative
  • EU FP7 Research Infrastructures Programme Committee Member, National Representative