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Orthodox Cathedral, Helsinki#

Orthodox Cathedral, Helsinki
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Completed in 1868, the Uspenski Russian Orthodox Cathedral Uspenski-Kathedrale, Helsinki, Finnland in Helsinki is the largest Russian Orthodox church in Western or Central Europe.


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Aerial view of Helsinki. The prominent building with the dome in the center is Helsinki Cathedral.

Presidential Palace, Helsinki#

Presidential Palace, Helsinki
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The Presidential Palace on Market Square in Helsinki. Originally built as the grand home of a local merchant in 1822, the structure was rebuilt in the 1840s to make it the official residence of the Russian czar.

It served as the residence of most of the presidents of Finland during the 20th century. Today it is one of three official residences of the Finnish president.

Helsinki Cathedral#

Helsinki Cathedral
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Completed in 1852, Helsinki Cathedral Helsinki Cathedral, Unionsgatan, Helsinki, Finnland , formerly St. Nicholas Cathedral, overlooks Senate Square in the Finnish capital.

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