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Übersicht über das von mir erbarbeitete Material:#

Eine Kreuzfahrt in der Karibik/ A journey through the Caribbean Sea#

Achtung: Da dies Teil eines internationalen Projektes ist https://global-geography.org wurde ich gebeten, die Texte in Englisch zu halten. #

I have taken on the job to report on a trip in the Caribbean Sea visiting six islands, five of them independent small nations, one (US Virgin Island with St. Thomas) more or less part of the US. My job was to collect and format some 150 pictures for this special Web-Server and to dig up enough information to stick to Professor Maurer's credo that pictures are without value unless properly documented. I prepared my presentation as one piece, but since the global-geography.org part of the Austria-Forum is structured by countries and territories you find now the sequence of pictures under different countries, yet you can move to the next country (sequence) by a link at the end of each sequence, or to the previous island. or the overview.

Starting in Puerto Rico we are travelling from the Greater Antilles to the Lesser Antilles, visiting Puerto Rico, the Leeward Islands of Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and the Windward Islands of St. Lucia and Barbados.


Rainer Kroisamer, November 2016