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Reports/Berichte on/über das COVID 19 Virus#

COVID Virus - Numbers#

compiled by Hermann Maurer, but no responsibility is accepted.

This site was monitoring the virus following the numbers in Worldometers in the geography section of Austria-Forum, more specifically the part in the Corona- Section. Details were shown for over two years, and we leave what was shown in the last months (most of 2022) below for some time.

However, numbers concerning COVID are less and less reliable due to different COVID rules, levels of enforcement, and, even more, they are very much country dependent.

We have asked our users and got a number of replies suggesting that a continuation of the effort on a large scale is not really necessary, given that other sources are available. Here are some of the answers from users:

  • Feedback: Ich glaube, dass die Corona Angaben, weil sie so unregelmäßig und in verschiedenen Ländern so verschieden erfasst werden, kaum mehr sinnvoll sind.
  • Sinnlos, die Zahlen werden zu verschieden erhoben und berichtet
  • Waren anfangs interessant und ziemlich ok, sind aber immer instabiler geworden
  • Vorschlag: Es werden nur noch die Zahlen vom Mittwoch berichtet, die scheinen noch einigermassen zu sein, nicht aussagekräftig, aber doch ein bisschen den Trend zeigend
  • Nur die Zahlen von Österreich zeigen, und eher die vom Vortag, weil die sich im Laufe des Tages noch verändern
  • ich hab selbst geraume Zeit gewisse Inzidenzzahlen aufgezeichnet; nach fast zwei Jahren habe ich es dann aufgegeben, weil mir schien, daß es a) in meiner umgebung niemandem wichtig ist und b) für mich auch keine Orientierungshilfe mehr ist. Notiere bloß noch die zahlen um die Monatswende. Es ist sonst zu viel Arbeit für zu wenig Nutzen, wie mir scheint.

Hence, as of November 1, we change our reporting to just one report for one day a month. The new table shows the 20 country with the largest reported total infections to date (i), with growth from last day (g), with total number of deaths to date (d), and the number or currently infected active persons (a). We include a special line for Austria at the bottom.

For more information we ask you to consult the Corona- Section but advise tio also use them with caution.

The numbers below are rounded to the nearest 1000. So 5 people infected means 5.000, 20 deaths means 20.000. Growth 0 could mean 400, etc. A question mark ? indicates that worldometer did not show a number.

Here we go:

Nov. 1, 2022 (available Nov.2)

  • 1 USA: i:99,401; g:17; d:1,096; a:1,323; 2 India: i:44,656; g:1; d:529; a:17; 3 France:i: 36,843; g:30; d:157; a:804; 4 Germany: i:36,650; g:30; d:154; a:1,496;
  • 5 Brazil: i:34,879; g:8; d:688; a:130; 6 S.Korea: i:25,616 ; g:58; d:29; a:539; 7 UK: i:23,898; g:?; d:194; a:165 ; 8 Italy: i:23,531; g:?; d:179; a:467;
  • 9 Japan: i:22,362; g:67; d:47 a:1816; 10 Russia: i:21,435; g:5; d:390; a:232; 11 Turkey: i:16,920 ; g:?; d:101; a:?; 12 Spain: i:13,512; g:?; d:115; a:102;
  • 13 Vietnam: i:11.503; g:0; d:43; a:857; 14 Australia: i:10,379; g:2; d:16; a:147; 15 Argentina: i:9,719; g:?; d:130; a:5; 16 Netherlands :i:8,518; g:2; d:23; a:82;
  • 17 Taiwan: i:7,747; g:34; d:13; a:750; 18 Iran: i:7.558; g:0; d:145; a:81; 19 Mexico: i:7,111; g:0; d:330; a:397; 20 Indonesia: i:6,498; g:5; d:159; a:27;
  • 24 Austria: i:5,444; g:5; d:21; a:53.

Dec. 1, 2022 (numbers are those from last month, will be corrected only Dec.2)

  • 1 USA: i:100,788; g:32; d:1,107; a:1,444; 2 India: i:44,674; g:0; d:531; a:6; 3 France:i: 37,975; g:59; d:159; a:875; 4 Germany: i:36,558; g:28; d:158; a:547;
  • 5 Brazil: i:35,356; g:39; d:690; a:424; 6 S.Korea: i:27,209 ; g:52; d:31; a:991; 7 Japan: i:25,021; g:110; d:50; a:4245; 8 Italy: i:24,488; g:?; d:182; a:507;
  • 9 UK: i:24,025; g:?; d:197; a:83 ; 10 Russia: i:21,604; g:56; d:392; a:203; 11 Turkey: i:17,005 ; g:?; d:101; a:?; 12 Spain: i:13,615; g:3; d:116; a:95;
  • 13 Vietnam: i:11,517; g:0; d:43; a:865; 14 Australia: i:10,744; g:19; d:16; a:181; 15 Argentina: i:9,727; g:?; d:130; a:7; 16 Netherlands :i:8,545; g:0; d:23; a:26;
  • 17 Taiwan: i:8,343; g:14; d:14; a:327; 18 Iran: i:7,560; g:0; d:145; a:80; 19 Mexico: i:7,133; g:?; d:331; a:402; 20 Indonesia: i:6,674; g:4; d:160; a:56;
  • 23 Austria: i:5,572; g:5; d:21; a:48.

Jan . 4, 2023

  • 1 USA: i:103,019; g:45; d:1,121; a:2,154; 2 India: i:44,680; g:0; d:531; a:3; 3 France:i: 39,370; g:14; d:163; a:624; 4 Germany: i:37,475; g:29; d:162; a:564;
  • 5 Brazil: i:36,428; g:30; d:694; a:537; 6 Japan: i:29,572; g:104; d:58; a:8,342;7 S.Korea: i:29,299 ; g:79; d:32; a:1,170; 8 Italy: i:25,144; g:?; d:185; a:418;
  • 9 UK: i:24,135; g:?; d:199; a:76 ; 10 Russia: i:21,814; g:3; d:3924; a:192; 11 Turkey: i:17,043 ; g:?; d:101; a:?; 12 Spain: i:13,684; g:?; d:117; a:80;
  • 13 Vietnam: i:11,525; g:0; d:43; a:871; 14 Australia: i:11,173; g:9; d:17; a:136; 15 Argentina: i:9,964; g:?; d:130; a:196; 16 Taiwan: i:8,948; g:34; d:15; a:416;
  • 17 Netherlands: i:8,569; g:?; d:23; a:23; 18 Iran: i:7,562; g:0; d:145; a:81; 19 Mexico: i:7,562; g:5; d:331; a:432; 20 Indonesia: i:6,722; g:1; d:161; a:9;
  • 23 Austria: i:5,716; g:4; d:21; a:35.

Note Jan 6, 2023#

In Europe, the pandemic Corola has been said to be "over", changing into local outbreaks. All numbers reported are very doubtful. The huge infection rates in China are not at all reported. All counted, even the reduced information given above does not make much sense any more, and will not be continued after January 2023, unless I get much feedback (use the green button on the right) that I should continue.I will report here, how many votes for continuation have been obtained in January. Hermann Maurer

++++++ No updates are carried out below anymore.

This site was monitoring the virus following the numbers in Worldometers in the geography section of Austria-Forum, more specifically the part in the Corona- Section. Details were shown for over two years , and we leave what was shown in the last months below for some time.

Note that all numbers that follow are rounded, and many are obsolete within hours. Dramatic changes happen within hours, due to when reports are released in various countries. Note further, that many reports are erroneous, be it on purpose or because not enough Corona testing is done, let alone in some medically lesser developed countries. Note that all figures have to be taken with more than a grain of salt, there are quite visible discrepancies from day-to-day and from country to country.

Rounded growth of reported daily infections over 30.000 in countries since July 2022 in thousands:#

Thus, e.g.France(133) means 133.000 new infections in France since last day. The figures from Saturday to Sunday and Sunday to Monday are omitted on purpose, since fewer test on weekendes just distort picture.

  • June 30 - July 1: France(133),Germany(113),USA(86),Italy(83), Brazil(75),Taiwan(39),Australia(34).
  • July 1 - 2: France(125),USA(103),Germany(99),Italy(86), Brazil(76),Taiwan(36),Australia(35).
  • July 4(Mo) - 5: Germany(147), Italy(36), Brazil(34).
  • July 5 - 6: France(207),Italy(132),Germany(131),Brazil(75),USA(46),Australia(37),Taiwan(36).
  • July 6 - 7: France(155),Germany(135),Italy(108),USA(91),Brazil(77),Australia(43),Taiwan(35),Japan(33).
  • July 7 - 8: France(161),Germany(118),Italy(108),USA(91),Brazil(73),Japan(45), Australia(43),Taiwan(31),Mexico(31).
  • July 8 - 9: France(141),USA(108),Italy(102),Germany(96),Brazil(73),Japan(48), Australia(42),Mexico(32),Taiwan(30).
  • July 11(Mo) - 12: Germany(155),USA(58),Japan(51),Brazil(44),Italy(38),Australia(32).
  • July 12 - 13: France(182),Italy(144),Germany(128),USA(95),Brazil(65),Japan(46),Australia(41),S.Korea(37),Taiwan(31).
  • July 13 - 14: Germany(152),France(128),Italy(110),USA(108),Brazil(72),Japan(68),Australia(44),S.Korea(40),Mexico(36).
  • July 14 - 15: France(119),Germany(110), Italy(109),USA(95),Japan(93),Brazil(65),Australia(47),S.Korea(39),Mexico(37).
  • July 15 - 16: Germany(123),USA(112), Brazil(108), Italy(98),Japan(97),Australia(43),S.Korea(39),Mexico(35).
  • July 18(Mo) - 19: Japan(105), France(74), Italy(69), S.Korea(40),Australia(38), Mexico(31).
  • July 19 - 20: Germany(161), Japan(104), USA(58), Australia(39), Brazil(39), Italy(31).
  • July 20 - 21: Germany(141),France(134),Italy(121),Japan(80),USA(75),S.Korea(74), Brazil(58), Australia(50).
  • July 21 - 22: Germany(137),USA(114),France(90),Italy(87),Japan(81),S.Korea(76),Brazil(56),Australia(49),Mexico(34).
  • July 22 - 23: Japan(135),Germany(108),USA(101),Italy(81),France(81),S.Korea(71),Australia(55),Brazil(52),Mexico(35).
  • July 23 - 24: Japan(181),USA(106),Germany(92),France(74), Italy(71),S.Korea(69),Australia(53),Brazil(49),Mexico(34).
  • July 25(Mo) - 26: Japan(173),Germany(145),USA(53),Australia(37),S.Korea(36),France(74),Brazil(31).
  • July 26 - 27: Japan(154),Germany(122),S.Korea(99),Italy(88),USA(88),France(88), Australia(47),Brazil(39).
  • July 27 - 28: Japan(180),USA(114),Germany(104),S.Korea(100),Italy(64),France(59), Australia(50),Brazil(47),Mexico(30).
  • July 28 - 29: Japan(207),USA(93),S.Korea(88),Germany(85),Italy(60),France(52), Australia(46),Brazil(45).
  • July 29 - 30: Japan(230),USA(99),S.Korea(85),Germany(66),Italy(54),France(46), Australia(45),Brazil(43).
  • August 1(Mo) - 2: Japan(197),Germany(104),USA(54),S.Korea(45), Australia(33).
  • August 2 - 3: Japan(168),S.Korea(112),Germany(88),Italy(65),USA(61),France(55), Australia(35),Brazil(34).
  • August 3 - 4: Japan(196),S.Korea(120),USA(101),Germany(75),Italy(46),Australia(41),France(39),Brazil(37).
  • August 4 - 5: Japan(232),S.Korea(108),USA(86),Germany(60),Italy(43),Australia(37),Brazil(37),France(34).
  • August 5 - 6: Japan(253),S.Korea(113),USA(89),Germany(50),Italy(38),Australia(33),France(31).
  • August 8(Mo) - 9: Japan(199),Germany(79),S.Korea(55),USA(44).
  • August 9 - 10: Japan(173),S.Korea(150),Germany(73),USA(58),Italy(43),France(38),Brazil(30).
  • August 11 - 12: Japan(243),S.Korea(137),USA(79),Germany(50).
  • August 12 - 13: Japan(225),S.Korea(129),USA(85),Germany(46).
  • August 15(Mo)- 16: Japan(170),Germany(64),S.Korea(62),USA(38).
  • August 16- 17: Japan(160),S.Korea(84),Germany(67),USA(54).
  • August 17 - 18: S.Korea(181),Japan(178),USA(87),Germany(59),Italy(36),France(36), Russia(33).
  • August 18 - 19: Japan(208),S.Korea(178),USA(69),Germany(47),Russia(36).
  • August 21(Mo)- 22: Japan(218),Germany(60),S.Korea(60),USA(35),Russia(33).
  • August 22 - 23: Japan(185),S.Korea(150),USA(53),Germany(53),Italy(35),Russia(31).
  • August 23 - 24: Japan(194),S.Korea(139),USA(82),Germany(49),Russia(40).
  • August 24 - 25: Japan(237),S.Korea(113),USA(60),Russia(43),Germany(37).
  • August 25 - 26: Japan(227),S.Korea(101),USA(64),Russia(46),Germany(33).
  • August 29(Mo)- 30: Japan(153),Germany(55),S.Korea(43),Russia(40),USA(30).
  • August 30 - 31: Japan(126),S.Korea(116),USA(50),Russia(37),Taiwan(31),Italy(31).
  • August 31 - Sept.1: Japan(140),S.Korea(104), USA(71),Brazil(59),Russia(46),Germany(39),Taiwan(35).
  • Sept.1 - 2: Japan(167),S.Korea(81), USA(66),Russia(50),Taiwan(34),Germany(34).
  • Sept.2 - 3: Japan(153),S.Korea(90), USA(62),Russia(51),Taiwan(34).
  • Sept.5(Mo) - 6: Japan(105),Germany(50),Russia(42), S.Korea(38).
  • Sept.6 - 7: S.Korea(100),Japan(84),Germany(470),Russia(39), Taiwan(37).
  • Sept.7 - 8: Japan(101),S.Korea(85),USA(50),Russia(48),Germany(42),Taiwan(41).
  • Sept.8 - 9: Japan(135),S.Korea(73),Russia(51),USA(47),Germany(36),Taiwan(35).
  • Sept.9 - 10: Japan(112),S.Korea(69),Russia(52),USA(51),Taiwan(34),Germany(30).
  • Sept.12(Mo) - 13: Japan(85),Germany(55),Russia(46),S.Korea(37).
  • Sept.13 - 14: Japan(65),S.Korea(57),USA(51),Germany(51),Taiwan(47),Russia(44),France(42).
  • Sept.14 - 15: S.Korea(94),Japan(79),USA(55),Russia(52),Taiwan(50),Germany(47),France(34).
  • Sept.15 - 16: Japan(100),S.Korea(71),Russia(56),Taiwan(45),USA(41),Germany(39),France(33).
  • Sept.16 - 17: Japan(88),Russia(59),S.Korea(52),Taiwan(42),USA(39),Germany(37).
  • Sept.17 - 18: Japan(78),Russia(58),S.Korea(43),Taiwan(40),France(33).
  • Sept.19(Mo) - 20: Japan(64),Germany(60),Russia(49).
  • Sept.20 - 21: Germany(57),France(52),S.Korea(48),Russia(46),Taiwan(45),Japan(41).
  • Sept.21 - 22: Germany(57),Russia(53),USA(48),Taiwan(47),S.Korea(41),Japan(39),France(38).
  • Sept.22 - 23: Japan(61),Russia(53),Germany(51),Taiwan(42),USA(39),France(38),S.Korea(33).
  • Sept.23 - 24: Japan(78),Russia(53),Germany(47),Taiwan(40),France(38),Australia(36),USA(33).
  • Sept.26(Mo) - 27: Germany(89),Japan(44),Germany(89),Russia(40).
  • Sept.27 - 28: Germany(96),France(74),Japan(51),Taiwan(46),Italy(45),S.Korea(39),Russia(37).
  • Sept.28 - 29: Germany(79),France(53),Japan(50),Taiwan(49),Russia(40),Italy(37),USA(37),S.Korea(36).
  • Sept.29 - 30: Germany(96),France(51),Taiwan(45),Japan(42),Russia(39),Italy(38),USA(32),S.Korea(31).
  • Sept.30 - Oct.1: Germany(74),France(48),Taiwan(43),Japan(37),Russia(37),Italy(34).
  • Oct.3(Mo)- Oct.4: Taiwan(33).
  • Oct.4 - 5.: Germany(134),France(89),Italy(59),Taiwan(50),Japan(40).
  • Oct.5 - 6.: Germany(132),France(67),Taiwan(55),Italy(45),Japan(41),USA(37),S.Korea(35).
  • Oct.6 - 7.: Germany(174),France(66),Taiwan(46),Italy(45),Japan(33),USA(31).
  • Oct.7 - 8.: Germany(122),France(61),Taiwan(51),Italy(45).
  • Oct.10(Mo) - 11.: Germany(173),Taiwan(32).
  • Oct.11 - 12.: Germany(137),France(95),Italy(66),Taiwan(41).
  • Oct.12 - 13.: Germany(145),France(68),Taiwan(52),Italy(48),Japan(46),USA(35),S.Korea(31).
  • Oct.13 - 14.: Germany(114),France(64),Taiwan(53),Italy(46),Japan(46).
  • Oct.14 - 15.: Germany(92),France(59),Taiwan(48),Italy(416),Japan(37).
  • Oct.17(Mo) - 18.: Germany(150).
  • Oct.18 - 19: Germany(130),France(88),Italy(58),Taiwan(45),Japan(42),S.Korea(33).
  • Oct.19 - 20: Germany(117),France(63),Taiwan(45),Japan(44),Italy(42),USA(33).
  • Oct.20 - 21: Germany(92),France(57),Italy(41),Taiwan(40),Japan(36).
  • Oct.21 - 22: Germany(75),France(49),Taiwan(37),Italy(36),Japan(32).
  • Oct.24(Mo) - 2.: Germany(116).
  • Oct.25 - 26: Germany(95),France(60),Italy(49),Japan(48),S.Korea(44),Taiwan(40).
  • Oct.26 - 27: Germany(79),Japan(50),France(41),S.Korea(41),Taiwan(40),Italy(35).
  • Oct.27 - 28: Germany(61),Japan(43),France(37),Taiwan(36),S.Korea(35),Italy(32).
  • Oct.28 - 29: Germany(48),Japan(39),S.Korea(36),France(37),Taiwan(36),S.Korea(36),Italy(32).
  • Oct.31(Mo) - Nov.01:

The situation in Austria shows one line starting March 15, 2022 as follow:

Date : t: Total infections; g: Growth of infections; d: Total deaths; r: Total recovered; a: Total active


Mar.15:t:3,225,272; g:37125; d:15,261 r:2816,416; a:393,595
Mar.16:t:3,283,855; g:58583; d:15,289 r:2851,667; a:416,899
Mar.17:t:3,335,900; g:52045; d:15,320 r:2887,173; a:433,407
Mar.18:t:3,387,012; g:51112; d:15,344 r:2926,418; a:445,250
Mar.19:t:3,429,012; g:41999; d:15,387 r:2963,825; a:449,799
Mar.20:t:3,466,203; g:37129; d:15,409 r:3003,103; a:447,691
Mar.21:t:3,498,075; g:31872; d:15,432 r:3044,103; a:437,835
Mar.22:t:3,532,415; g:34349; d:15,487 r:3087,262; a:429,666
Mar.23:t:3,585,486; g:53071; d:15,530 r:3129,004; a:440,952
Mar.24:t:3,627,093; g:41607; d:15,579 r:3168,886; a:442,628
Mar.25:t:3,665,003; g:37910; d:15,619 r:3209,448; a:439,936
Mar.26:t:3,698,511; g:33508; d:15,665 r:3252,752; a:430,094
Mar.27:t:3,723,056; g:27304; d:15,681 r:3302,123; a:419,221
Mar.28:t:3,747,582; g:22120; d:15,706 r:3331,691; a:400,185
Mar.29:t:3,770,412; g:22830; d:15,764 r:3372,749; a:382,899
Mar.30:t:3,805,155; g:34743; d:15,812 r:3415,869; a:373,474
Mar.31:t:3,831,048; g:25893; d:15,865 r:3455,869; a:359,851
Apr.01:t:3,854,405; g:23357; d:15,905 r:3497,957; a:340,543
Apr.02:t:3,873,448; g:19043; d:15,957 r:3537,192; a:320,299
Apr.03:t:3,887,355; g:13907; d:15,985 r:3572,192; a:299,140
Apr.04:t:3,899,660; g:12305; d:16,002 r:3607,702; a:275,956
Apr.05:t:3,912,606; g:12946; d:16,061 r:3643,590; a:252,999
Apr.06:t:3,933,682; g:21076; d:16,097 r:3674,107; a:243,478
Apr.07:t:3,950,161; g:16479; d:16,141 r:3701,204; a:232,816
Apr.08:t:3,964,246; g:14085; d:16,168 r:3729,061; a:219,017
Apr.09:t:3,976,750; g:12504; d:16,208 r:3757,730; a:202,812
Apr.10:t:3,987,385; g:10635; d:16,226 r:3779,116; a:192,043
Apr.11:t:3,999,418; g:08033; d:16,242 r:3779,939; a:179,237
Apr.12:t:4,004,069; g:08651; d:16,286 r:3819,238; a:168,545
Apr.13:t:4,016,540; g:12471; d:16,324 r:3839,507; a:160,709
Apr.14:t:4,004,069; g:08651; d:16,286 r:3819,238; a:168,545
Apr.15:t:4,036,813; g:09790; d:16,390 r:3873,490; a:146,933
Apr.16:t:4,045,809; g:08996; d:16,407 r:3890,719; a:138,683
Apr.17:t:4,053,809; g:07408; d:16,420 r:3904,290; a:132,507
Apr.18:t:4,059,444; g:06227; d:16,431 r:3918,429; a:124,584
Apr.19:t:4,064,839; g:05395; d:16,439 r:3930,478; a:117,922
Apr.20:t:4,072,410; g:07571; d:16,470 r:3945,134; a:110,806
Apr.21:t:4,092,513; g:08155; d:17,057 r:3967,810; a:107,646
Apr.22:t:4,095,600; g:07223; d:18,016 r:3967,810; a:106,687
Apr.23:t:4,099,049; g:06536; d:18,035 r:3979,810; a:101,451
Apr.24:t:4,104,859; g:05810; d:18,047 r:3989,860; a:96,952
Apr.25:t:4,108,970; g:04111; d:18,054 r:3999,860; a:92,138
Apr.26:t:4,114,558; g:05588; d:18,076 r:4008,005; a:88,477
Apr.27:t:4,122,797; g:08239; d:18,100 r:4018,417; a:86,280
Apr.28:t:4,120,158; g:06316; d:18,117 r:4026,844; a:84,197
Apr.29:t:4,135,344; g:06186; d:18,138 r:4034,609; a:82,597
Apr.30:t:4,140,543; g:05199; d:18,156 r:4042,540; a:79,847
May 01:t:4,144,906; g:04363; d:18,161 r:4049,476; a:77,269
May 02:t:4,149,004; g:04098; d:18,170 r:4055,726; a:75,108
May 03:t:4,154,244; g:05240; d:18,183 r:4063,754; a:72,307
May 04:t:4,161,004; g:06760; d:18,200 r:4070,732; a:72,727
May 05:t:4,166,759; g:05755; d:18,222 r:4078,247; a:70,290
May 06:t:4,172,760; g:06001; d:18,228 r:4084,163; a:70,369
May 07:t:4,177,928; g:05168; d:18,242 r:4090,144; a:69,542
May 08:t:4,181,545; g:03617; d:18,245 r:4095,510; a:67,790
May 09:t:4,185,678; g:04133; d:18,249 r:4100,958; a:66,471
May 10:t:4,189,700; g:04022; d:18,271 r:4106,651; a:64,778
May 11:t:4,195,691; g:05991; d:18,279 r:4112,993; a:64,419
May 12:t:4,200,825; g:05134; d:18,291 r:4119,090; a:63,444
May 13:t:4,205,380; g:04555; d:18,296 r:4124,821; a:62,263
May 14:t:4,209,157; g:03777; d:18,303 r:4130,999; a:59,855
May 15:t:4,212,492; g:03335; d:18,303 r:4135,885; a:58,304
May 16:t:4,215,150; g:02658; d:18,303 r:4140,792; a:56,055
May 17:t:4,218,059; g:02909; d:18,312 r:4145,947; a:53,800
May 18:t:4,222,381; g:04322; d:18,320 r:4151,556; a:52,505
May 19:t:4,225,674; g:03293; d:18,328 r:4156,309; a:51,037
May 20:t:4,228,908; g:03234; d:18,333 r:4156,309; a:54,266
May 21:t:4,231,480; g:02572; d:18,343 r:4166,123; a:47,014
May 22:t:4,233,430; g:01950; d:18,347 r:4169,371; a:45,712
May 23:t:4,235,183; g:01753; d:18,599 r:4173,311; a:43,273
May 24:t:4,237,360; g:02177; d:18,607 r:4177,580; a:41,173
May 25:t:4,240,295; g:02935; d:18,619 r:4181,437; a:40,239
May 26:t:4,243,293; g:02998; d:18,632 r:4184,997; a:39,664
May 27:t:4,244,865; g:01572; d:18,643 r:4187,970; a:38,252
May 28:t:4,246,631; g:01766; d:18,651 r:4191,006; a:36,974
May 29:t:4,248,507; g:01876; d:18,651 r:4193,684; a:36,127
May 30:t:4,250,240; g:01733; d:18,651 r:4195,652; a:35,937
June01:t:4,255,871; g:03728; d:18,658 r:4202,091; a:35,122
June02:t:4,258,906; g:03035; d:18,659 r:4202,515; a:35,732
June03:t:4,262,117; g:03211; d:18,665 r:4206,881; a:36,571
June04:t:4,264,738; g:02621; d:18,669 r:4210,181; a:35,888
June05:t:4,267,154; g:02416; d:18,670 r:4212,299; a:36,185
June06:t:4,269,277; g:02123; d:18,674 r:4214,477; a:36,126
June07:t:4,271,517; g:02240; d:18,675 r:4216,213; a:36,629
June08:t:4,274,905; g:03388; d:18,682 r:4219,119; a:37,104
June09:t:4,280,049; g:05144; d:18,687 r:4221,650; a:39,712
June10:t:4,284,320; g:04271; d:18,690 r:4224,080; a:41,550
June11:t:4,288,427; g:04107; d:18,694 r:4226,460; a:43,273
June12:t:4,291,416; g:02989; d:18,697 r:4228,720; a:43,999
June13:t:4,294,321; g:02905; d:18,699 r:4231,207; a:44,415
June14:t:4,298,563; g:04242; d:18,706 r:4233,943; a:45,914
June15:t:4,305,432; g:06869; d:18,717 r:4237,609; a:49,108
June16:t:4,312,525; g:07093; d:18,720 r:4241,084; a:52,721
June17:t:4,317,466; g:04941; d:18,721 r:4244,211; a:54,534
June18:t:4,322,873; g:05407; d:18,728 r:4247,445; a:56,700
June19:t:4,329,279; g:06406; d:18,729 r:4250,857; a:59,693
June20:t:4,334,212; g:04933; d:18,732 r:4254,136; a:61,344
June21:t:4,341,493; g:07281; d:18,738 r:4258,136; a:64,765
June22:t:4,352,391; g:10898; d:18,744 r:4261,845; a:71,802
June23:t:4,361,919; g:09528; d:18,749 r:4266,508; a:76,662
June24:t:4,370,852; g:08933; d:18,757 r:4271,277; a:80,818
June25:t:4,379,764; g:08912; d:18,758 r:4276,737; a:84,269
June26:t:4,386,857; g:07093; d:18,760 r:4281,819; a:86,278
June27:t:4,393,255; g:06398; d:18,764 r:4286,495; a:87,996
June28:t:4,403,444; g:10189; d:18,768 r:4293,115; a:91,561
June29:t:4,415,953; g:12509; d:18,779 r:4300,943; a:96,231
June30:t:4,428,459; g:12506; d:18,787 r:4308,472; a:101,200
July01:t:4,438,883; g:10424; d:18,792 r:4314,940; a:105,151
July02:t:4,448,954; g:10071; d:18,793 r:4322,440; a:107,721
July03:t:4,457,570; g:08616; d:18,798 r:4329,661; a:109,111
July04:t:4,465,315; g:07745; d:18,798 r:4336,503; a:110,141
July05:t:4,475,146; g:09831; d:18,805 r:4335,393; a:110,948
July06:t:4,487,675; g:12529; d:18,816 r:4354,923; a:113,936
July07:t:4,499,646; g:11971; d:18,825 r:4364,180; a:116,641
July08:t:4,510,741; g:11095; d:18,835 r:4373,320; a:118,586
July09:t:4,520,395; g:09654; d:18,872 r:4383,716; a:117,807
July10:t:4,529,644; g:09249; d:18,877 r:4393,109; a:117,658
July11:t:4,536,872; g:07228; d:18,884 r:4401,616; a:116,372
July12:t:4,547,061; g:10189; d:18,900 r:4413,524; a:114,637
July13:t:4,562,210; g:15149; d:18,909 r:4424,590; a:118,711
July14:t:4,574,722; g:12512; d:18,916 r:4436,566; a:119,218
July15:t:4,587,307; g:12585; d:18,925 r:4446,382; a:122,000
July16:t:4,599,489; g:12128; d:18,930 r:4457,544; a:123,015
July17:t:4,609,834; g:10345; d:18,931 r:4467,592; a:123,311
July18:t:4,618,283; g:08449 d:18,934 r:4477,310; a:122,039
July19:t:4,630,041; g:11758 d:18,958 r:4488,692; a:122,391
July20:t:4,644,055; g:14014 d:18,971 r:4499,583; a:125,501
July21:t:4,658,125; g:14070 d:18,987 r:4510,463; a:128,675
July22:t:4,669,240; g:11115 d:18,987 r:4521,552; a:128,701
July23:t:4,680,148; g:10908 d:18,992 r:4532,678; a:128,478
July24:t:4,687,113; g:06965 d:18,999 r:4542,478; a:125,636
July25:t:4,695,898; g:08785 d:19,007 r:4551,977; a:124,915
July26:t:4,705,111; g:09213 d:19,024 r:4564,278; a:121,809
July27:t:4,716,543; g:11432 d:19,051 r:4576,763; a:120,729
July28:t:4,724,622; g:08079 d:19,068 r:4587,631; a:117,923
July29:t:4,732,191; g:07569 d:19,080 r:4598,271; a:114,840
July30:t:4,738,778; g:06567 d:19,095 r:4609,269; a:110,414
July31:t:4,744,492; g:05714 d:19,106 r:4619,198; a:116,188
August01:t:4,748,697; g:04205 d:19,118 r:4628,405; a:101,174
August02:t:4,755,335; g:06638 d:19,140 r:4639,640; a:96,555
August03:t:4,763,810; g:08475 d:19,151 r:4650,435; a:94,224
August04:t:4,770,516; g:06706 d:19,165 r:4661,070; a:90,281
August05:t:4,776,787; g:06271 d:19,177 r:4669,036; a:88,574
August06:t:4,782,740; g:05953 d:19,194 r:4678,166; a:85,380
August07:t:4,787,491; g:04751 d:19,199 r:4682,297; a:85,995
August08:t:4,791,014; g:03523 d:19,200 r:4689,678; a:82,136
August09:t:4,796,689; g:05675 d:19,215 r:4698,570; a:78,904
August10:t:4,803,681; g:06992 d:19,231 r:4706,153; a:78,297
August11:t:4,809,558; g:05877 d:19,242 r:4712,078; a:78,238
August12:t:4,815,286; g:05728 d:19,257 r:4717,829; a:78,200
August13:t:4,820,764; g:05478 d:19,273 r:4725,003; a:76,488
August14:t:4,825,495; g:04731 d:19,274 r:4729,737; a:76,484
August15:t:4,828,503; g:03008 d:19,277 r:4734,035; a:75,191
August16:t:4,832,311; g:03808 d:19,279 r:4739,492; a:73,540
August17:t:4,838,214; g:05930 d:19,296 r:4747,623; a:71,322
August18:t:4,845,882; g:07641 d:19,306 r:4754,365; a:72,211
August19:t:4,852,013; g:06131 d:19,322 r:4760,237; a:72,454
August20:t:4,857,488; g:05475 d:19,338 r:4767,237; a:71,469
August21:t:4,862,223; g:04735 d:19,342 r:4771,237; a:71,920
August22:t:4,865,409; g:03186 d:19,343 r:4774,787; a:71,279
August23:t:4,870,292; g:04883 d:19,357 r:4782,203; a:68,732
August24:t:4,876,243; g:05951 d:19,372 r:4787,958; a:68,913
August25:t:4,881,412; g:05169 d:19,384 r:4793,279; a:68,749
August26:t:4,886,600; g:05188 d:19,390 r:4797,769; a:69,441
August27:t:4,891,721; g:05121 d:19,393 r:4802,300; a:70,028
August28:t:4,895,552; g:03831 d:19,394 r:4806,807; a:69,351
August29:t:4,898,260; g:02708 d:19,395 r:4810,689; a:68,176
August30:t:4,902,914; g:04654 d:19,407 r:4817,884; a:65,623
August31:t:4,908,274; g:05360 d:19,418 r:4824,069; a:64,787
Septe.01:t:4,912,972; g:04698 d:19,428 r:4829,500 a:64,044
Septe.02:t:4,917,159; g:04187 d:19,437 r:4833,825 a:63,897
Septe.03:t:4,921,112; g:03953 d:19,440 r:4839,413 a:62,259
Septe.04:t:4,924,440; g:03328 d:19,442 r:4843,228 a:61,770
Septe.05:t:4,927,105; g:02665 d:19,442 r:4846,503 a:61,160
Septe.06:t:4,931,352; g:04247 d:19,455 r:4853,555 a:58,342
Septe.07:t:4,935,820; g:04468 d:19,461 r:4858,351 a:58,008
Septe.08:t:4,940,768; g:04948 d:19,473 r:4862,644 a:58,651
Septe.09:t:4,945,050; g:04282 d:19,478 r:4866,714 a:58,858
Septe.10:t:4,949,088; g:04038 d:19,483 r:4872,714 a:57,764
Septe.11:t:4,952,508; g:03429 d:19,486 r:4875,321 a:57,701
Septe.12:t:4,955,082; g:02574 d:19,486 r:4877,858 a:57,738
Notgedrungenen bis auf weiteres aus einer neuen Quelle https://covid19-dashboard.ages.at// Die Zahlen stammen jeweils vom Ende des Tages um Mitternacht:
Septe.13:t:5,002,850; g:06251 d:20,661 r:4935,280 a:46,909
Septe.14.t:5,005,277; g:5623; d.20,662 r.4902,004 a.47,982
Septe.15:t:5,008,515; g:5371; d:20,664 r:4938,280 a:49,170
Septe.16:t:5,013,900; g:5375; d:20,670 r:4941,958 a:51,272
Septe.17:t:5,018,962; g:4767; d:20,676 r:4946,892 a:51,394
Septe.18:t:5,024,113; g:3553; d:20,677 r:4950,082 a:53,364
Septe.19:t:5,027,739; g:3626; d:20,678 r:4953,814 a:53,248
Now back to old way of counting (Worldometer):
Septe.20:t:5,033,797; g:6058; d:20,683 r:4959,738 a:53,376
Septe.21:t:5,042,307; g:8510; d:20,690 r:4963,987 a:57,630
Septe.22:t:5,050,233; g:7926; d:20,700 r:4968,164 a:61,369
Septe.23:t:5,058,191; g:7958; d:20,707 r:4972,182 a:65,302
Septe.24:t:5,066,790; g:8599; d:20,712 r:4979,106 a:66,972
Septe.25:t:5,073,706; g:6916; d:20,712 r:4983,565 a:69,429
Septe.26:t:5,079,700; g:5828; d:20,713 r:4987,148 a:71,839
Septe.27:t:5,090,354; g:10654; d:20,723 r:4999,510 a:74,121
Septe.28:t:5,105,202; g:14389; d:20,734 r:5001,313 a:83,155
Septe.29:t:5,118,512; g:12317; d:20,738 r:5006,572 a:91,202
Septe.30:t:5,131,527; g:12695; d:20,743 r:5011,540 a:99,244
Oct. 01: t:5,144,116; g:12274; d:20,754 r:5019,774 a:103,588
Oct. 02: t:5,154,447; g:9940; d:20,756 r:5025,560 a:108,131
Oct. 03: t:5,162,934; g:8080; d:20,758 r:5030,558 a:111,518
Oct. 04: t:5,176,784; g:13416; d:20,767 r:5040,975 a:115,045
Oct. 05: t:5,195,408; g:17882; d:20,779 r:5050,046 a:124,583
Oct. 06: t:5,210,285; g:14233; d:20,794 r:5058,597 a:130,894
Oct. 07: t:5,226,219; g:15099; d:20,809 r:5066,128 a:139,282
Oct. 08: t:5,239,883; g:13288; d:20,823 r:5078,414 a:140,646
Oct. 09: t:5,252,058; g:10879; d:20,824 r:5088,561 a:142,673
Oct. 10: t:5,260,762; g:08299; d:20,825 r:5098,210 a:141,727
Oct. 11: t:5,273,660; g:12572; d:20,857 r:5113,300 a:139,503
Oct. 12: t:5,292,773; g:18507; d:20,895 r:5137,934 a:133,944
Oct. 13: t:5,306,372; g:13599; d:20,895 r:5146,953 a:138,524
Oct. 14: t:5,320,086; g:13054; d:20,919 r:5159,463 a:139,704
Oct. 15: t:5,331,324; g:11238; d:20,922 r:5173,569 a:136,833
Oct. 16: t:5,330,548; g:08667; d:20,926 r:5188,819 a:130,803
Oct. 17: t:5,346,939; g:06297; d:20,928 r:5202,545 a:123,466
Oct. 18: t:5,356,174; g:08970; d:20,942 r:5219,043 a:116,188
Oct. 19: t:5,369,885; g:13048; d:20,943 r:5233,582 a:115,350
Oct. 20: t:5,379,734; g:09596; d:20,971 r:5244,893 a:113,924
Oct. 21: t:5,387,830; g:07490; d:20,980 r:5254,130 a:112,720
Oct. 22: t:5,392,347; g:07151; d:20,891 r:5266,213 a:105,243
Oct. 23: t:5,398,512; g:05407; d:20,894 r:5279,877 a:097,741
Oct. 24: t:5,402,698; g:03768; d:20,919 r:5295,433 a:086,346
Oct. 25: t:5,408,648; g:05950; d:20,922 r:5305,433 a:082,097
Oct. 26: t:5,416,866; g:07892; d:20,943 r:5317,029 a:078,894
Oct. 27: t:5,421,555; g:04475; d:20,962 r:5325,999 a:074,594
Oct. 28: t:5,426,408; g:04853; d:20,963 r:5330,927 a:074,518
Oct. 29: t:5,432,162; g:05465; d:20,976 r:5342,477 a:068,709
Oct. 30: t:5,436,721; g:04260; d:20,979 r:5352,127 a:063,615
Oct. 31: t:5,439,567; g:02798; d:20,981 r:5360,619 a:057,967

Note that the most critical parameters are the daily growth g and the number of actively sick a: March 16 shows almost 60.000 new infections (g) daily and almost 450.000 actively infected persons (a) a few days later, numbers never reached before. By end of May the situation has improved (lowest number June 1 with a: 35,122) but numbers in June haven again increased for a while! However, as of August 1, 2022 new rules are in place. As one consequence the number of infections reported is still futher away from the truth than it always was. We see similar patterns in other countries. Thus, it is not clear at all wether it makes sense to continue our lists. We do have a discussion about this right now, to e.g. only report once a week or even once a month. If you have inputs on this, please do write to me at hmaurer100@gmail.com.


Situation world-wide

Format: Date. No. of infections; (i): growth; (g): deaths; (d): recovered; (r): active cases (a):

Note that the most critical number is the number of active cases (a): As long as they do not decrease systematically the virus is a serious problem. We show all days starting May 1, 2022.

  • May 01,2022: i:513,543.000; g: 0295.000;d:6262.000; r:467,602.000; a:39,679,000
  • May 02,2022: i:513,921.000; g: 0277.000;d:6263.000; r:468,349.000; a:39,309,000
  • May 03,2022: i:514,576.000; g: 0601.000;d:6266.000; r:469,169.000; a:39,142,000
  • May 04,2022: i:515,226.000; g: 0604.000;d:6269.000; r:469,867.000; a:39,090,000
  • May 05,2022: i:515,809.000; g: 0556.000;d:6269.000; r:470,528.000; a:39,009,000
  • May 06,2022: i:516,494.000; g: 0513.000;d:6275.000; r:471,160.000; a:39,060,000
  • May 07,2022: i:516,904.000; g: 0405.000;d:6276.000; r:471,603.000; a:39,025,000
  • May 08,2022: i:517,213.000; g: 0306.000;d:6276.000; r:471,888.000; a:39,048,000
  • May 09,2022: i:517,649.000; g: 0335.000;d:6278.000; r:472,477.000; a:38,894,000
  • May 10,2022: i:518,345.000; g: 0596.000;d:6280.000; r:473,245.000; a:38,819,000
  • May 11,2022: i:519,001.000; g: 0576.000;d:6282.000; r:473,856.000; a:38,873,000
  • May 12,2022: i:519,658.000; g: 0600.000;d:6284.000; r:474,462.000; a:38,911,000
  • May 13,2022: i:520,279.000; g: 0537.000;d:6287.000; r:474,954.000; a:39,038,000
  • May 14,2022: i:521,188.000; g: 0321.000;d:6288.000; r:491,736.000; a:23,163,000
  • May 15,2022: i:522,863.000; g: 0737.000;d:6291.000; r:492,885.000; a:23,688,000
  • May 16,2022: i:522,909.000; g: 0752.000;d:6291.000; r:492,915.000; a:23,703,000
  • May 17,2022: i:523,784.000; g: 0836.000;d:6292.000; r:493,727.000; a:23,765,000
  • May 18,2022: i:524,699.000; g: 0771.000;d:6295.000; r:494,495.000; a:23,909,000
  • May 19,2022: i:525,544.000; g: 0794.000;d:6297.000; r:495,329.000; a:23,918,000
  • May 20,2022: i:526,382.000; g: 0761.000;d:6299.000; r:496,158.000; a:23,926,000
  • May 21,2022: i:526,995.000; g: 0604.000;d:6300.000; r:496,837.000; a:23,858,000
  • May 22,2022: i:527,480.000; g: 0476.000;d:6300.000; r:497,523.000; a:23,656,000
  • May 23,2022: i:528,209.000; g: 0497.000;d:6302.000; r:498,422.000; a:23,385,000
  • May 24,2022: i:528,841.000; g: 0632.000;d:6304.000; r:499,254.000; a:23,284,000
  • May 25,2022: i:529,542.000; g: 0589.000;d:6306.000; r:499,987.000; a:23,248,000
  • May 26,2022: i:530,168.000; g: 0571.000;d:6308.000; r:500,667.000; a:23,193,000
  • May 27,2022: i:530,786.000; g: 0547.000;d:6310.000; r:501,364.000; a:23,113,000
  • May 28,2022: i:531,228.000; g: 0440.000;d:6310.000; r:501,831.000; a:23,087,000
  • May 29,2022: i:531,527.000; g: 0327.000;d:6311.000; r:502,343.000; a:22,873,000
  • May 30,2022: i:531,957.000; g: 0341.000;d:6312.000; r:502,929.000; a:22,717,000
  • May 31,2022: i:532,676.000; g: 0535.000;d:6314.000; r:503,692.000; a:22,670,000
  • June01,2022: i:533,403.000; g: 0570.000;d:6316.000; r:504,285.000; a:22,803,000
  • June02,2022: i:534,000.000; g: 0547.000;d:6317.000; r:504,859.000; a:22,823,000
  • June03,2022: i:534,000.000; g: 0547.000;d:6317.000; r:504,859.000; a:22,823,000
  • June04,2022: i:535,041.000; g: 0402.000;d:6320.000; r:505,829.000; a:22,889,000
  • June05,2022: i:535,344.000; g: 0299.000;d:6320.000; r:506,304.000; a:22,719,000
  • June06,2022: i:535,833.000; g: 0330.000;d:6321.000; r:506,804.000; a:22,707,000
  • June07,2022: i:536,495.000; g: 0546.000;d:6323.000; r:507,568.000; a:22,604,000
  • June08,2022: i:538,013.000; g: 0593.000;d:6326.000; r:511,270.000; a:20,416,000
  • June09,2022: i:539,090.000; g: 0565.000;d:6328.000; r:511,785.000; a:20,977,000
  • June10,2022: i:539,751.000; g: 0531.000;d:6330.000; r:512,330.000; a:21,056,000
  • June11,2022: i:540,164.000; g: 0387.000;d:6331.000; r:515,287.000; a:18,546,000
  • June12,2022: i:540,489.000; g: 0325.000;d:6331.000; r:515,681.000; a:18,477,000
  • June13,2022: i:540,970.000; g: 0340.000;d:6332.000; r:515,213.000; a:18,424,000
  • June14,2022: i:541,701.000; g: 0588.000;d:6334.000; r:516,901.000; a:18,466,000
  • June15,2022: i:542,433.000; g: 0604.000;d:6337.000; r:517,708.000; a:18,388,000
  • June16,2022: i:543,058.000; g: 0569.000;d:6338.000; r:518,186.000; a:18,534,000
  • June17,2022: i:543,620.000; g: 0497.000;d:6339.000; r:518,722.000; a:18,559,000
  • June18,2022: i:543,989.000; g: 0368.000;d:6340.000; r:519,131.000; a:18,517,000
  • June19,2022: i:544,255.000; g: 0261.000;d:6341.000; r:519,514.000; a:18,400,000
  • June20,2022: i:545,202.000; g: 0369.000;d:6342.000; r:520,380.000; a:18,480,000
  • June21,2022: i:545,717.000; g: 0731.000;d:6343.000; r:521,611.000; a:17,762,000
  • June22,2022: i:546,570.000; g: 0727.000;d:6346.000; r:522,154.000; a:18,070,000
  • June23,2022: i:547,361.000; g: 0733.000;d:6348.000; r:522,665.000; a:18,348,000
  • June24,2022: i:548,165.000; g: 0714.000;d:6349.000; r:525,170.000; a:18,646,000
  • June25,2022: i:548,641.000; g: 0443.000;d:6350.000; r:523,515.000; a:18,776,000
  • June26,2022: i:548,978.000; g: 0299.000;d:6351.000; r:523,902.000; a:18,725,000
  • June27,2022: i:549,805.000; g: 0515.000;d:6352.000; r:525,547.000; a:17,906,000
  • June28,2022: i:550,723.000; g: 0827.000;d:6354.000; r:526,342.000; a:18,027,000
  • June29,2022: i:551,750.000; g: 0866.000;d:6356.000; r:527,235.000; a:18,158,000
  • June30,2022: i:552,647.000; g: 0838.000;d:6358.000; r:527,851.000; a:18,437,000
  • July01,2022: i:553,600.000; g: 0826.000;d:6360.000; r:528,319.000; a:18,921,000
  • July02,2022: i:553,992.000; g: 0391.000;d:6361.000; r:528,659.000; a:18,972,000
  • July03,2022: i:554,565.000; g: 0203.000;d:6362.000; r:529,496.000; a:18,707,000
  • July04,2022: i:555,228.000; g: 0485.000;d:6362.000; r:529,934.000; a:18,931,000
  • July05,2022: i:556,359.000; g: 0913.000;d:6364.000; r:530,771.000; a:19,224,000
  • July06,2022: i:557,561.000; g: 0953.000;d:6367.000; r:531,426.000; a:19,768,000
  • July07,2022: i:558,614.000; g: 0947.000;d:6369.000; r:532,136.000; a:20,108,000
  • July08,2022: i:559,675.000; g: 0895.000;d:6371.000; r:532,689.000; a:20,615,000
  • July09,2022: i:560,195.000; g: 0482.000;d:6372.000; r:533,138.000; a:20,685,000
  • July10,2022: i:560,667.000; g: 0413.000;d:6373.000; r:533,686.000; a:20,607,000
  • July11,2022: i:561,677.000; g: 0579.000;d:6375.000; r:534,562.000; a:20,740,000
  • July12,2022: i:562,882.000; g: 0978.000;d:6377.000; r:535,460.000; a:21,046,000
  • July13,2022: i:563,997.000; g: 0990.000;d:6379.000; r:536,171.000; a:21,446,000
  • July14,2022: i:565,390.000; g: 0966.000;d:6383.000; r:536,891.000; a:22,117,000
  • July15,2022: i:566,415.000; g: 0923.000;d:6386.000; r:537,640.000; a:22,388,000
  • July16,2022: i:567,078.000; g: 0663.000;d:6387.000; r:538,215.000; a:22,476,000
  • July17,2022: i:567,658.000; g: 0638.000;d:6387.000; r:538,708.000; a:22,663,000
  • July18,2022: i:568,520.000; g: 0650.000;d:6389.000; r:539,689.000; a:22,441,000
  • July19,2022: i:569,588.000; g: 0985.000;d:6392.000; r:540,744.000; a:22,453,000
  • July20,2022: i:571,412.000; g: 0979.000;d:6396.000; r:541,737.000; a:23,279,000
  • July21,2022: i:572,489.000; g: 0954.000;d:6398.000; r:542,610.000; a:23,481,000
  • July22,2022: i:573,715.000; g: 0981.000;d:6401.000; r:543,513.000; a:23,801,000
  • July23,2022: i:574,433.000; g: 0716.000;d:6402.000; r:544,148.000; a:23,883,000
  • July24,2022: i:575,107.000; g: 0616.000;d:6403.000; r:544,761.000; a:23,943,000
  • July25,2022: i:575,935.000; g: 0683.000;d:6405.000; r:545,731.000; a:23,800,000
  • July26,2022: i:576,993.000; g: 0970.000;d:6407.000; r:547,830.000; a:23,756,000
  • July27,2022: i:578,393.000; g: 1004.000;d:6412.000; r:548,463.000; a:23,518,000
  • July28,2022: i:579,432.000; g: 0935.000;d:6414.000; r:549,423.000; a:23,559,000
  • July29,2022: i:580,771.000; g: 0906.000;d:6418.000; r:550,698.000; a:23,656,000
  • July30,2022: i:581,466.000; g: 0671.000;d:6419.000; r:551,511.000; a:23,537,000
  • July31,2022: i:582,132.000; g: 0587.000;d:6420.000; r:552,220.000; a:23,492,000
  • Aug.01,2022: i:582,897.000; g: 0637.000;d:6422.000; r:552,306.000; a:23,152,000
  • Aug.02,2022: i:583,967.000; g: 0836.000;d:6424.000; r:554,583.000; a:22,961,000
  • Aug.03,2022: i:585,134.000; g: 0917.000;d:6428.000; r:555,669.000; a:22,037,000
  • Aug.04,2022: i:586,530.000; g: 0874.000;d:6431.000; r:556,618.000; a:23,481,000
  • Aug.05,2022: i:587,507.000; g: 0864.000;d:6434.000; r:558,517.000; a:22,556,000
  • Aug.06,2022: i:588,731.000; g: 0645.000;d:6436.000; r:559,791.000; a:22,505,000
  • Aug.07,2022: i:589,313.000; g: 0563.000;d:6437.000; r:560,576.000; a:22,300,000
  • Aug.08,2022: i:590,040.000; g: 0589.000;d:6439.000; r:561,645.000; a:21,956,000
  • Aug.09,2022: i:591,003.000; g: 0774.000;d:6442.000; r:562,845.000; a:21,717,000
  • Aug.10,2022: i:592,109.000; g: 0860.000;d:6446.000; r:563,874.000; a:21,789,000
  • Aug.11,2022: i:593,020.000; g: 0835.000;d:6449.000; r:565,132.000; a:21,439,000
  • Aug.12,2022: i:593,949.000; g: 0793.000;d:6452.000; r:566,057.000; a:21,449,000
  • Aug.13,2022: i:594,559.000; g: 0587.000;d:6453.000; r:567,553.000; a:20,553,000
  • Aug.14,2022: i:595,100.000; g: 0511.000;d:6455.000; r:568,302.000; a:20,343,000
  • Aug.15,2022: i:595,910.000; g: 0510.000;d:6457.000; r:569,730.000; a:19,723,000
  • Aug.16,2022: i:596,795.000; g: 0589.000;d:6459.000; r:570,814.000; a:19,521,000
  • Aug.17,2022: i:597,809.000; g: 0844.000;d:6464.000; r:571,759.000; a:19,587,000
  • Aug.18,2022: i:598,689.000; g: 0803.000;d:6466.000; r:572,724.000; a:19,498,000
  • Aug.19,2022: i:599,595.000; g: 0782.000;d:6469.000; r:573,561.000; a:19,564,000
  • Aug.20,2022: i:600,240.000; g: 0629.000;d:6471.000; r:574,362.000; a:19,408,000
  • Aug.21,2022: i:600,837.000; g: 0558.000;d:6472.000; r:575,101.000; a:19,265,000
  • Aug.22,2022: i:601,475.000; g: 0539.000;d:6474.000; r:575,989.000; a:19,012,000
  • Aug.23,2022: i:602,231.000; g: 0705.000;d:6476.000; r:576,958.000; a:18,797,000
  • Aug.24,2022: i:603,207.000; g: 0748.000;d:6480.000; r:577,942.000; a:18,784,000
  • Aug.25,2022: i:604,011.000; g: 0716.000;d:6483.000; r:578,853.000; a:18,676,000
  • Aug.26,2022: i:604,790.000; g: 0689.000;d:6485.000; r:579,605.000; a:18,699,000
  • Aug.27,2022: i:605,335.000; g: 0534.000;d:6485.000; r:580,384.000; a:18,463,000
  • Aug.28,2022: i:605,812.000; g: 0458.000;d:6488.000; r:581,076.000; a:18,248,000
  • Aug.29,2022: i:606,425.000; g: 0441.000;d:6490.000; r:582,037.000; a:17,898,000
  • Aug.30,2022: i:607,063.000; g: 0547.000;d:6492.000; r:583,014.000; a:17,557,000
  • Sep.01,2022: i:608,623.000; g: 0607.000;d:6499.000; r:584,868.000; a:17,257,000
  • Sep.02,2022: i:609,352.000; g: 0562.000;d:6501.000; r:585,581.000; a:17,270,000
  • Sep.03,2022: i:609,813.000; g: 0445.000;d:6503.000; r:586,181.000; a:17,130,000
  • Sep.04,2022: i:610,231.000; g: 0369.000;d:6504.000; r:586,855.000; a:16,873,000
  • Sep.05,2022: i:610,635.000; g: 0354.000;d:6505.000; r:587,956.000; a:16,174,000
  • Sep.06,2022: i:611,235.000; g: 0490.000;d:6507.000; r:588,749.000; a:15,979,000
  • Sep.07,2022: i:611,872.000; g: 0517.000;d:6509.000; r:589,490.000; a:15,873,000
  • Sep.08,2022: i:612,461.000; g: 0506.000;d:6512.000; r:590,244.000; a:15,705,000
  • Sep.09,2022: i:612,988.000; g: 0492.000;d:6515.000; r:590,998.000; a:15,476,000
  • Sep.10,2022: i:613,405.000; g: 0359.000;d:6516.000; r:591,771.000; a:15,119,000
  • Sep.11,2022: i:613,745.000; g: 0296.000;d:6517.000; r:592,353.000; a:14,875,000
  • Sep.12,2022: i:614,166.000; g: 0350.000;d:6518.000; r:593,003.000; a:14,645,000
  • Sep.13,2022: i:614,815.000; g: 0477.000;d:6522.000; r:593,711.000; a:14,582,000
  • Sep.14,2022: i:615,343.000; g: 0528.000;d:6523.000; r:594,362.000; a:14,457,000
  • Sep.15,2022: i:615,951.000; g: 0497.000;d:6526.000; r:595,053.000; a:14,372,000
  • Sep.16,2022: i:616,512.000; g: 0441.000;d:6529.000; r:595,690.000; a:14,294,000
  • Sep.17,2022: i:616,865.000; g: 0347.000;d:6530.000; r:596,294.000; a:14,041,000
  • Sep.18,2022: i:617,183.000; g: 0290.000;d:6531.000; r:596,734.000; a:13,919,000
  • Sep.19,2022: i:617,541.000; g: 0312.000;d:6532.000; r:597,261.000; a:13,748,000
  • Sep.20,2022: i:618,008.000; g: 0439.000;d:6533.000; r:597,816.000; a:13,660,000
  • Sep.21,2022: i:618,568.000; g: 0434.000;d:6535.000; r:598,344.000; a:13,690,000
  • Sep.22,2022: i:619,102.000; g: 0439.000;d:6537.000; r:598,943.000; a:13,622,000
  • Sep.23,2022: i:619,636.000; g: 0458.000;d:6539.000; r:599,385.000; a:13,712,000
  • Sep.24,2022: i:619,978.000; g: 0321.000;d:6540.000; r:599,021.000; a:13,517,000
  • Sep.25,2022: i:620,246.000; g: 0252.000;d:6540.000; r:600,296.000; a:13,410,000
  • Sep.26,2022: i:620,620.000; g: 0306.000;d:6542.000; r:600,816.000; a:13,263,000
  • Sep.27,2022: i:621,182.000; g: 0498.000;d:6543.000; r:601,317.000; a:13,322,000
  • Sep.28,2022: i:621,798.000; g: 0474.000;d:6545.000; r:601,748.000; a:13,504,000
  • Sep.29,2022: i:622,386.000; g: 0463.000;d:6547.000; r:602,158.000; a:13,681,000
  • Sep.30,2022: i:622,905.000; g: 0422.000;d:6549.000; r:602,615.000; a:13,740,000
  • Oct.01,2022: i:623,205.000; g: 0295.000;d:6550.000; r:602,966.000; a:13,689,000
  • Oct.02,2022: i:623,461.000; g: 0241.000;d:6551.000; r:603,333.000; a:13,577,000
  • Oct.03,2022: i:623,710.000; g: 0179.000;d:6552.000; r:603,786.000; a:13,372,000
  • Oct.04,2022: i:624,242.000; g: 0521.000;d:6553.000; r:604,232.000; a:13,457,000
  • Oct.05,2022: i:624,908.000; g: 0527.000;d:6555.000; r:604,681.000; a:13,672,000
  • Oct.06,2022: i:625,575.000; g: 0533.000;d:6558.000; r:605,141.000; a:13,876,000
  • Oct.07,2022: i:626,085.000; g: 0459.000;d:6560.000; r:605,521.000; a:14,005,000
  • Oct.08,2022: i:626,393.000; g: 0292.000;d:6560.000; r:605,936.000; a:13,897,000
  • Oct.09,2022: i:626,665.000; g: 0232.000;d:6561.000; r:606,264.000; a:13,840,000
  • Oct.10,2022: i:627,060.000; g: 0332.000;d:6562.000; r:606,672.000; a:13,826,000
  • Oct.11,2022: i:627,648.000; g: 0491.000;d:6564.000; r:607,147.000; a:13,937,000
  • Oct.12,2022: i:628,319.000; g: 0530.000;d:6566.000; r:607,539.000; a:14,214,000
  • Oct.13,2022: i:628,911.000; g: 0479.000;d:6568.000; r:607,949.000; a:14,393,000
  • Oct.14,2022: i:629,406.000; g: 0426.000;d:6570.000; r:608,346.000; a:14,490,000
  • Oct.15,2022: i:629,686.000; g: 0280.000;d:6571.000; r:608,684.000; a:14,431,000
  • Oct.16,2022: i:629,948.000; g: 0229.000;d:6572.000; r:608,986.000; a:14,390,000
  • Oct.17,2022: i:630,328.000; g: 0313.000;d:6573.000; r:609,391.000; a:14,364,000
  • Oct.18,2022: i:630,844.000; g: 0497.000;d:6574.000; r:609,862.000; a:14,408,000
  • Oct.19,2022: i:631,531.000; g: 0468.000;d:6577.000; r:610,330.000; a:14,623,000
  • Oct.20,2022: i:632,034.000; g: 0407.000;d:6580.000; r:610,735.000; a:14,719,000
  • Oct.21,2022: i:632,430.000; g: 0350.000;d:6581.000; r:611,145.000; a:14,704,000
  • Oct.22,2022: i:632,675.000; g: 0244.000;d:6582.000; r:611,475.000; a:14,618,000
  • Oct.23,2022: i:632,981.000; g: 0220.000;d:6583.000; r:611,762.000; a:14,636,000
  • Oct.24,2022: i:633,242.000; g: 0261.000;d:6584.000; r:612,214.000; a:14,444,000
  • Oct.25,2022: i:633,744.000; g: 0421.000;d:6586.000; r:612,708.000; a:14,449,000
  • Oct.26,2022: i:634,212.000; g: 0398.000;d:6588.000; r:613,149.000; a:14,474,000
  • Oct.27,2022: i:634,630.000; g: 0348.000;d:6590.000; r:613,573.000; a:14,467,000
  • Oct.28,2022: i:635,031.000; g: 0312.000;d:6593.000; r:613,971.000; a:14,467,000
  • Oct.29,2022: i:635,258.000; g: 0223.000;d:6593.000; r:614,293.000; a:14,372,000
  • Oct.30,2022: i:635,457.000; g: 0180.000;d:6594.000; r:614,537.000; a:14,326,000

Oct.30: In what follows we are listing the 30 countries with the largest total number of infections, and are marking countries with a daily growth below 500 with a *, countries with growth of over 3.000 and below 20.000 compared to the last entry with a +, with a growth above 20.000 with ++, with no new figure with a ?

With 99,353.000 total infections so far, and 8.000 new infections since the last day the (1) USA+ is the country with the largest number of confirmed cases. Active cases are now 1,360.000. Concerning total infections, (2) India 44,654.000, (3) France+ 36,810.000, (4) Germany? 35,571.000, (5) Brazil 34,867.000, (6) S.Korea++ 25,539.000, (7) UK? 23,856.000; (8) Italy? 23,531.000, (9) Japan++ 22,273.000, (10) Russia+ 21,424.000, (11) Turkey? 16,852.000, (12) Spain? 13,512.000, (13) Vietnam* 11,502.000, (14) Australia 10,377.000, (15) Argentina 9,719.000, (16) Netherlands? 8,512.000, (17) Taiwan++ 7,690.000, (18) Iran* 7,557.000, (19) Mexico 7,111.000, (20) Indonesia 6,491.000, (21) Poland* 6,340.000, (22) Colombia? 6,310.000, (23) Portugal? 5,518.000, (24) Austria+ 5,437.000, (25) Ukraine? 5,296.000, (26) Greece? 4,839.000, (27)Malaysia+ 4,900.000, (28) N.Korea? 4,773.000, (29) Chile+ 4,756.000, (30) Thailand? 4,687.000. There are 40 more countries with more than 1 million total infections.