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Reports/Berichte on/über das COVID 19 Virus#

COVID Virus - Numbers#

compiled by Hermann Maurer, but no responsibility is accepted.

This site monitors the virus following the numbers in Worldometers in the geography section of Austria-Forum, more specifically the part in the Corona- Section. Note that all numbers that follow are rounded, and many are obsolete within hours. Dramatic changes happen within hours, due to when reports are released in various countries. Note further, that many reports are erroneous, be it on purpose or because not enough Corona testing is done, let alone in some medically lesser developed countries. Note that all figures have to be taken with more than a grain of salt, there are quite visible discrepancies from day-to-day and from country to country.

Rounded growth of reported daily infections over 30.000 in countries since April 2022 in thousands:#

Thus, e.g. S.Korea(280) means 280.000 new infections in S.Korea since last day. The figures from Saturday to Sunday and Sunday to Monday are omitted on purpose, since fewer test on weekendes just distort the picture.

Apr.1-2.: S.Korea(280),Germany(232),France(149),Italy(74),Vietnam(73),Australia(64),Japan(48),USA(30).

Apr.4 (Mo)-5.: S.Korea(127),Germany(123),Vietnam(49),Japan(48),Australia(47),UK(31),Italy(31).

Apr.5-6.: S.Korea(266),France(203),Germany(187),Italy(88),Australia(58),Vietnam(55),Japan(34),UK(33).

Apr.6-7.: S.Korea(286),Germany(205),France(162),Italy(69),Australia(628),Vietnam(49),Japan(42),UK(31),USA(31).

Apr.7-8.: S.Korea(225),Germany(201),France(159),Italy(70),Australia(64),Japan(54),Vietnam(46),USA(33).

Apr.8-9.: S.Korea(205),Germany(169),France(149),Italy(67),Australia(59),Japan(55),Vietnam(39),USA(35),Mexico(32).

Apr.11 (Mo)-12.:Germany(93),S.Korea(91),Japan(48),Australia(43).

Apr.12-13.: S.Korea(211),France(191),Germany(165),Italy(84),Australia(46),UK(34),USA(33),Japan(33).

Apr.13-14.: S.Korea(195),Germany(180),France(146),Italy(63),Australia(53),Japan(51),USA(38).

Apr.14-15.: Germany(161),S.Korea(148),France(137),Italy(65),Japan(58),Australia(55),USA(42).

Apr.15-16.: S.Korea(126),France(125),Germany(88),Italy(62),Japan(55),Australia(48),USA(40).

Apr.18 (Mo)- 19.: S.Korea(48),Japan(40),Australia(34).

Apr.19- 20.: Germany(131),S.Korea(118),Japan(40),Australia(39), USA(33).

Apr.20- 21.: Germany(187),France(156),S.Korea(111),Italy(100),Australia(51),USA(47),Japan(38),Brazil(33).

Apr.21- 22.: Germany(140),France(104),S.Korea(91),Italy(75),Australia(55),Finland(51),Japan(47),USA(45).

Apr.22- 23.: Germany(104),France(88),S.Korea(81),Italy(74),USA(54),Australia(49),Japan(47).

Apr.25 (Mo)- 26.: Germany(87),Japan(38), USA(35),S.Korea(34),Australia(31).

Apr.26-27: Germany(136),France(97),S.Korea(80),USA(52),Australia(36),Italy(30).

Apr.27-28: Germany(125),Italy(88),S.Korea(77),France(68),USA(58),Australia(45),Japan(37).

Apr.28-29: Germany(120),Italy(70),France(60),S.Korea(57),USA(56),Australia(46),Japan(46).

Apr.29-30: Germany(97),USA(63),Italy(59),France(53),S.Korea(51),Japan(42), Australia(42).

May 2(Mo)- May 3:USA(41),Australia(31).

May 3- 4: Germany(157),USA(75),France(67),Italy(63),USA(75),S.Korea(51),Australia(38).

May 4- 5: Germany(167),USA(75),S.Korea(49),France(48),Italy(48),Australia(46).

May 5- 6: Germany(87),USA(67),Australia(55),Italy(48),France(44),S.Korea(42),Taiwan(30).

May 6- 7: Germany(86),USA(77),Italy(44),France(40),Australia(38),Taiwan(36).

May 9(Mo) -10: USA(51),Japan(41),Germany(40),Taiwan(40), Australia(38).

May 10- 11: Germany(104),USA(60),France(56),Italy(56),Taiwan(51),S.Korea(50),Australia(48),Japan(34).

May 11- 12: Germany(93),USA(87),Taiwan(57),Australia(57),S.Korea(44),Italy(42),France(40),Japan(39).

May 12- 13: USA(86),Germany(83),Taiwan(65),Australia(58),Japan(46), Italy(40),France(36),S.Korea(36).

May 13- 14: USA(88),Germany(68),Taiwan(53),Australia(52),Japan(42), Italy(39),France(33),S.Korea(32).

May 16(Mo) -17:N.Korea(393),USA(65),Taiwan(62),Australia(42),Japan(35).

May 17 -18 :N.Korea(270),Germany(83), USA(75),Australia(68),Taiwan(66),Italy(44),France(44),S.Korea(35).

May 18 -19 :N.Korea(233),USA(104),Taiwan(84),Germany(65),Australia(56),Japan(34),S.Korea(31),Italy(30).

May 18 -20 :N.Korea(262),Taiwan(90),USA(88),Germany(56),Australia(54),Japan(42),Italy(30).

The situation in Austria shows one line starting Jan.1, 2022 as follow:

Date : t: Total infections; g: Growth of infections; d: Total deaths; r: Total recovered; a: Total active

Jan 01:t:1,282,227; g:3608; d:13,749 r:1237,061; a: 31,417
Jan 02:t:1,285,510; g:3283; d:13,752 r:1238,911; a: 32,847
Jan 03:t:1,288,829; g:3319; d:13,759 r:1240,740; a: 34,330
Jan 04:t:1,294,325; g:5496; d:13,784 r:1242,779; a: 37,762
Jan 05:t:1,304,086; g:9761; d:13,802 r:1245,294; a: 44,990
Jan 06:t:1,312,939; g:8853; d:13,823 r:1247,752; a: 51,364
Jan 07:t:1,321,725; g:8786; d:13,830 r:1250,567; a: 57,328
Jan 08:t:1,329,130; g:7405; d:13,844 r:1253,075; a: 62,211
Jan 09:t:1,339,421; g:10291; d:13,848 r:1255,816; a: 69,757
Jan 10:t:1,350,225; g:10804; d:13,855 r:1259,323; a: 77,047
Jan 11:t:1,361,741; g:11516; d:13,872 r:1263,234; a: 84,626
Jan 12:t:1,378,747; g:17006; d:13,882 r:1268,317; a: 96,548
Jan 13:t:1,394,599; g:15852; d:13,898 r:1273,884; a:106,816
Jan 14:t:1,411,421; g:16822; d:13,905 r:1279,726; a:117,790
Jan 15:t:1,428,170; g:16749; d:13,915 r:1288,191; a:126,064
Jan 16:t:1,443,589; g:15419; d:13,920 r:1295,738; a:133,931
Jan 17:t:1,459,306; g:15717; d:13,922 r:1304,003; a:141,381
Jan 18:t:1,475,991; g:16685; d:13,942 r:1314,129; a:147,920
Jan 19:t:1,503,668; g:27677; d:13,956 r:1328,340; a:161,327
Jan 20:t:1,527,972; g:24314; d:13,963 r:13??,???; a:173,231
Jan.21:t:1,553,328; g:25346; d:13,973 r:1353,790; a:185,565
Jan.22:t:1,577,588; g:24260; d:13,985 r:1366,515; a:197,088
Jan.23:t:1,600,348; g:22453; d:13,991 r:1377,812; a:208,238
Jan.24:t:1,625,651; g:25610; d:14,000 r:1392,533; a:219,118
Jan.25:t:1,650,597; g:24946; d:14,019 r:1410,808; a:225,770
Jan.26:t:1,684,608; g:34011; d:14,030 r:1426,185; a:244,393
Jan.27:t:1,727,661; g:43053; d:14,042 r:1445,628; a:267,991
Jan.28:t:1,766,292; g:38631; d:14,061 r:1469,235; a:282,996
Jan.29:t:1,801,040; g:34748; d:14,077 r:1491,828; a:295,135
Jan.30:t:1,828,167; g:27127; d:14,091 r:1512,855; a:301,221
Jan.31:t:1,855,578; g:27411; d:14,103 r:1535,587; a:305,888
Feb.01:t:1,881,472; g:25894; d:14,127 r:1560,133; a:307,212
Feb.02:t:1,920,882; g:39410; d:14,143 r:1590,223; a:316,516
Feb.03:t:1,959,017; g:38135; d:14,167 r:1614,379; a:330,471
Feb.04:t:1,995,346; g:36329; d:14,192 r:1642,027; a:339,127
Feb.05:t:2,027,604; g:32258; d:14,214 r:1679,057; a:343,333
Feb.06:t:2,056,928; g:29324; d:14,232 r:1693,812; a:348,884
Feb.07:t:2,084,229; g:27299; d:14,246 r:1718,562; a:350,419
Feb.08:t:2,111,314; g:27087; d:14,271 r:1754,145; a:342,898
Feb.09:t:2,149,623; g:38309; d:14,293 r:1789,727; a:345,603
Feb.10:t:2,184,873; g:35250; d:14,315 r:1828,444; a:342,114
Feb.11:t:2,217,585; g:32712; d:14,337 r:1863,067; a:340,181
Feb.12:t:2,248,713; g:31128; d:14,360 r:1896,809; a:337,544
Feb.14:t:2,299,229; g:24565; d:14,392 r:1969,374; a:315,463
Feb.15:t:2,324,406; g:25177; d:14,427 r:2003,110; a:306,869
Feb.16:t:2,362,662; g:38256; d:14,471 r:2039,041; a:309,150
Feb.17:t:2,393,576; g:30914; d:14,503 r:2072,635; a:306,438
Feb.18:t:2,424,742; g:31166; d:14,537 r:2107,339; a:302,866
Feb.19:t:2,451,024; g:26282; d:14,562 r:2140,712; a:295,750
Feb.20:t:2,473,099; g:22075; d:14,581 r:2169,869; a:288,649
Feb.21:t:2,494,535; g:21436; d:14,594 r:2198,462; a:281,479
Feb.22:t:2,515,962; g:21427; d:14,631 r:2227,107; a:274,134
Feb.23:t:2,550,371; g:34409; d:14,661 r:2257,376; a:278,334
Feb.24:t:2,578,962; g:28591; d:14,700 r:2286,292; a:277,970
Feb.25:t:2,610,286; g:31324; d:14,725 r:2314,818; a:280,743
Feb.26:t:2,636,258; g:25927; d:14,762 r:2345,622; a:275,874
Feb.27:t:2,659,532; g:23274; d:14,787 r:2370,487; a:274,258
Feb.28:t:2,679,742; g:20210; d:14,809 r:2395,470; a:269,463
Mar.01:t:2,704,530; g:24788; d:14,841 r:2423,154; a:266,535
Mar.02:t:2,744,023; g:39493; d:14,888 r:2453,789; a:275,346
Mar.03:t:2,775,589; g:31566; d:14,924 r:2478,168; a:282,497
Mar.04:t:2,808,008; g:32419; d:14,960 r:2505,491; a:287,557
Mar.05:t:2,839,297; g:31289; d:14,986 r:2534,897; a:289,414
Mar.06:t:2,867,760; g:28463; d:15,008 r:2560,176; a:292,576
Mar.07:t:2,893,913; g:26153; d:15,026 r:2589,176; a:289,427
Mar.08:t:2,924,852; g:30939; d:15,071 r:2616,093; a:293,688
Mar.09:t:2,972,647; g:47795; d:15,113 r:2643,931; a:313,593
Mar.10:t:3,022,079; g:49432; d:15,136 r:2671,393; a:335,550
Mar.11:t:3,071,402; g:49323; d:15,163 r:2697,610; a:358,629
Mar.12:t:3,115,867; g:44465; d:15,180 r:2727,373; a:373,314
Mar.13:t:3,153,927; g:38060; d:15,207 r:2754,357; a:384,363
Mar.14:t:3,188,147; g:34220; d:15,221 r:2784,996; a:387,930
Mar.15:t:3,225,272; g:37125; d:15,261 r:2816,416; a:393,595
Mar.16:t:3,283,855; g:58583; d:15,289 r:2851,667; a:416,899
Mar.17:t:3,335,900; g:52045; d:15,320 r:2887,173; a:433,407
Mar.18:t:3,387,012; g:51112; d:15,344 r:2926,418; a:445,250
Mar.19:t:3,429,012; g:41999; d:15,387 r:2963,825; a:449,799
Mar.20:t:3,466,203; g:37129; d:15,409 r:3003,103; a:447,691
Mar.21:t:3,498,075; g:31872; d:15,432 r:3044,103; a:437,835
Mar.22:t:3,532,415; g:34349; d:15,487 r:3087,262; a:429,666
Mar.23:t:3,585,486; g:53071; d:15,530 r:3129,004; a:440,952
Mar.24:t:3,627,093; g:41607; d:15,579 r:3168,886; a:442,628
Mar.25:t:3,665,003; g:37910; d:15,619 r:3209,448; a:439,936
Mar.26:t:3,698,511; g:33508; d:15,665 r:3252,752; a:430,094
Mar.27:t:3,723,056; g:27304; d:15,681 r:3302,123; a:419,221
Mar.28:t:3,747,582; g:22120; d:15,706 r:3331,691; a:400,185
Mar.29:t:3,770,412; g:22830; d:15,764 r:3372,749; a:382,899
Mar.30:t:3,805,155; g:34743; d:15,812 r:3415,869; a:373,474
Mar.31:t:3,831,048; g:25893; d:15,865 r:3455,869; a:359,851
Apr.01:t:3,854,405; g:23357; d:15,905 r:3497,957; a:340,543
Apr.02:t:3,873,448; g:19043; d:15,957 r:3537,192; a:320,299
Apr.03:t:3,887,355; g:13907; d:15,985 r:3572,192; a:299,140
Apr.04:t:3,899,660; g:12305; d:16,002 r:3607,702; a:275,956
Apr.05:t:3,912,606; g:12946; d:16,061 r:3643,590; a:252,999
Apr.06:t:3,933,682; g:21076; d:16,097 r:3674,107; a:243,478
Apr.07:t:3,950,161; g:16479; d:16,141 r:3701,204; a:232,816
Apr.08:t:3,964,246; g:14085; d:16,168 r:3729,061; a:219,017
Apr.09:t:3,976,750; g:12504; d:16,208 r:3757,730; a:202,812
Apr.10:t:3,987,385; g:10635; d:16,226 r:3779,116; a:192,043
Apr.11:t:3,999,418; g:08033; d:16,242 r:3779,939; a:179,237
Apr.12:t:4,004,069; g:08651; d:16,286 r:3819,238; a:168,545
Apr.13:t:4,016,540; g:12471; d:16,324 r:3839,507; a:160,709
Apr.14:t:4,004,069; g:08651; d:16,286 r:3819,238; a:168,545
Apr.15:t:4,036,813; g:09790; d:16,390 r:3873,490; a:146,933
Apr.16:t:4,045,809; g:08996; d:16,407 r:3890,719; a:138,683
Apr.17:t:4,053,809; g:07408; d:16,420 r:3904,290; a:132,507
Apr.18:t:4,059,444; g:06227; d:16,431 r:3918,429; a:124,584
Apr.19:t:4,064,839; g:05395; d:16,439 r:3930,478; a:117,922
Apr.20:t:4,072,410; g:07571; d:16,470 r:3945,134; a:110,806
Apr.21:t:4,092,513; g:08155; d:17,057 r:3967,810; a:107,646
Apr.22:t:4,095,600; g:07223; d:18,016 r:3967,810; a:106,687
Apr.23:t:4,099,049; g:06536; d:18,035 r:3979,810; a:101,451
Apr.24:t:4,104,859; g:05810; d:18,047 r:3989,860; a:96,952
Apr.25:t:4,108,970; g:04111; d:18,054 r:3999,860; a:92,138
Apr.26:t:4,114,558; g:05588; d:18,076 r:4008,005; a:88,477
Apr.27:t:4,122,797; g:08239; d:18,100 r:4018,417; a:86,280
Apr.28:t:4,120,158; g:06316; d:18,117 r:4026,844; a:84,197
Apr.29:t:4,135,344; g:06186; d:18,138 r:4034,609; a:82,597
Apr.30:t:4,140,543; g:05199; d:18,156 r:4042,540; a:79,847
May 01:t:4,144,906; g:04363; d:18,161 r:4049,476; a:77,269
May 02:t:4,149,004; g:04098; d:18,170 r:4055,726; a:75,108
May 03:t:4,154,244; g:05240; d:18,183 r:4063,754; a:72,307
May 04:t:4,161,004; g:06760; d:18,200 r:4070,732; a:72,727
May 05:t:4,166,759; g:05755; d:18,222 r:4078,247; a:70,290
May 06:t:4,172,760; g:06001; d:18,228 r:4084,163; a:70,369
May 07:t:4,177,928; g:05168; d:18,242 r:4090,144; a:69,542
May 08:t:4,181,545; g:03617; d:18,245 r:4095,510; a:67,790
May 09:t:4,185,678; g:04133; d:18,249 r:4100,958; a:66,471
May 10:t:4,189,700; g:04022; d:18,271 r:4106,651; a:64,778
May 11:t:4,195,691; g:05991; d:18,279 r:4112,993; a:64,419
May 12:t:4,200,825; g:05134; d:18,291 r:4119,090; a:63,444
May 13:t:4,205,380; g:04555; d:18,296 r:4124,821; a:62,263
May 14:t:4,209,157; g:03777; d:18,303 r:4130,999; a:59,855
May 15:t:4,212,492; g:03335; d:18,303 r:4135,885; a:58,304
May 16:t:4,215,150; g:02658; d:18,303 r:4140,792; a:56,055
May 17:t:4,218,059; g:02909; d:18,312 r:4145,947; a:53,800
May 18:t:4,222,381; g:04322; d:18,320 r:4151,556; a:52,505
May 19:t:4,225,674; g:03293; d:18,328 r:4156,309; a:51,037

Note that the most critical parameters are the daily growth g and the number of actively sick a: March 16 shows almost 60.000 new infections daily and almost 450.000 actively infected persons a few days later, numbers never reached before. By May the situation has much improved, yet still more actively infected than at the beginning of 2022.

Situation world-wide

Format: Date. No. of infections; (i): growth; (g): deaths; (d): recovered; (r): active cases (a):

Note that the most critical number is the number of active cases (a): As long as they do not decrease systematically the virus is a serious problem. We show all days starting Jan 1, 2022.

  • Jan.01,2022: i:289,668.000; g: 1191.000;d:5457.000; r:254,152.000; a:30,058.000
  • Jan.02,2022: i:290,595.000; g: 828.000; d:5460.000; r:254,519.000; a:30,615.000
  • Jan.03,2022: i:292,921.000; g: 1351.000;d:5466.000; r:255,321.000; a:30,134.000
  • Jan.04,2022: i:295,494.000; g: 2163.000;d:5474.000; r:256,099.000; a:33,921.000
  • Jan.05,2022: i:298,143.000; g: 2553.000;d:5472.000; r:256,795.000; a:35,866.000
  • Jan.06,2022: i:300,702.000; g: 2511.000;d:5490.000; r:257,529.000; a:37,684.000
  • Jan.07,2022: i:303,664.000; g: 2719.000;d:5497.000; r:258,277.000; a:39,890.000
  • Jan.08,2022: i:305,922.000; g: 2239.000;d:5502.000; r:258,955.000; a:41,464.000
  • Jan.09,2022: i:307,795.000; g: 1857.000;d:5506.000; r:259,523.000; a:42,766.000
  • Jan.10,2022: i:311,038.000; g: 2171.000;d:5512.000; r:260,689.000; a:44,837.000
  • Jan.11,2022: i:313,983.000; g: 2810.000;d:5521.000; r:261,714.000; a:46,748.000
  • Jan.12,2022: i:317,383.000; g: 3201.000;d:5531.000; r:262,828.000; a:49,024.000
  • Jan.13,2022: i:320,722.000; g: 3221.000;d:5539.000; r:264,054.000; a:51,129.000
  • Jan.14,2022: i:324,182.000; g: 3234.000;d:5547.000; r:265,312.000; a:53,323.000
  • Jan.15,2022: i:326,674.000; g: 2427.000;d:5554.000; r:266,411.000; a:54,709.000
  • Jan.16,2022: i:328,678.000; g: 1942.000;d:5558.000; r:267,623.000; a:55,497.000
  • Jan.17,2022: i:331,399.000; g: 2073.000;d:5564.000; r:269,031.000; a:56,804.000
  • Jan.18,2022: i:335,127.000; g: 3028.000;d:5573.000; r:270,954.000; a:58,600.000
  • Jan.19,2022: i:339,262.000; g: 3520.000;d:5583.000; r:273,084.000; a:60,595.000
  • Jan.20,2022: i:342,991.000; g: 3611.000;d:5583.000; r:274,925.000; a:62,473.000
  • Jan.21,2022: i:346,820.000; g: 3652.000;d:5603.000; r:276,608.000; a:64,608.000
  • Jan.22,2022: i:349,747.000; g: 2836.000;d:5610.000; r:278,368.000; a:65,769.000
  • Jan.23,2022: i:351,980.000; g: 2227.000;d:5615.000; r:279,710.000; a:66,655.000
  • Jan.24,2022: i:355,525.000; g: 2417.000;d:5623.000; r:282,133.000; a:67,770.000
  • Jan.25,2022: i:359,093.000; g: 3356.000;d:5634.000; r:284,626.000; a:68,833.000
  • Jan.26,2022: i:362,992.000; g: 3575.000;d:5645.000; r:287,483.000; a:69,864.000
  • Jan.27,2022: i:366,992.000; g: 3550.000;d:5656.000; r:290,064.000; a:70,911.000
  • Jan.28,2022: i:370,242.000; g: 3456.000;d:5668.000; r:292,362.000; a:72,213.000
  • Jan.29,2022: i:372,925.000; g: 2655.000;d:5675.000; r:294,515.000; a:72,735.000
  • Jan.30,2022: i:375,069.000; g: 2085.000;d:5681.000; r:296,337.000; a:73,050.000
  • Jan.31,2022: i:378,776.000; g: 2203.000;d:5692.000; r:298,871.000; a:74,213.000
  • Feb.01,2022: i:381,940.000; g: 3007.000;d:5705.000; r:302,830.000; a:73,405.000
  • Feb.02,2022: i:385,110.000; g: 3035.000;d:5718.000; r:305,281.000; a:74,112.000
  • Feb.03,2022: i:388,259.000; g: 3069.000;d:5731.000; r:307,761.000; a:74,767.000
  • Feb.04,2022: i:391,318.000; g: 2941.000;d:5743.000; r:310,210.000; a:75,365.000
  • Feb.05,2022: i:393,915.000; g: 2229.000;d:5752.000; r:312,757.000; a:75,406.000
  • Feb.06,2022: i:395,871.000; g: 1881.000;d:5758.000; r:314,528.000; a:75,489.000
  • Feb.07,2022: i:398,062.000; g: 1856.000;d:5769.000; r:317,553.000; a:74,741.000
  • Feb.08,2022: i:400,957.000; g: 2616.000;d:5782.000; r:320,724.000; a:74,451.000
  • Feb.09,2022: i:403,450.000; g: 2421.000;d:5795.000; r:323,142.000; a:74,513.000
  • Feb.10,2022: i:406,305.000; g: 2488.000;d:5808.000; r:326,120.000; a:74,377.000
  • Feb.11,2022: i:408,697.000; g: 2332.000;d:5820.000; r:328,714.000; a:74,163.000
  • Feb.12,2022: i:410,588.000; g: 1883.000;d:5828.000; r:330,725.000; a:74,035.000
  • Feb.13,2022: i:412,159.000; g: 1519.000;d:5834.000; r:332,621.000; a:73,704.000
  • Feb.14,2022: i:413,842.000; g: 1473.000;d:5845.000; r:335,756.000; a:72,241.000
  • Feb.15,2022: i:415,803.000; g: 1917.000;d:5856.000; r:338,617.000; a:71,330.000
  • Feb.16,2022: i:417,938.000; g: 2103.000;d:5868.000; r:341,353.000; a:70,717.000
  • Feb.16,2022: i:417,938.000; g: 2103.000;d:5868.000; r:341,353.000; a:70,717.000
  • Feb.17,2022: i:420,013.000; g: 2038.000;d:5881.000; r:343,883.000; a:70,249.000
  • Feb.18,2022: i:421,957.000; g: 1937.000;d:5892.000; r:346,503.000; a:69,561.000
  • Feb.19,2022: i:423,564.000; g: 1548.000;d:5900.000; r:348,544.000; a:69,119.000
  • Feb.20,2022: i:424,892.000; g: 1301.000;d:5906.000; r:350,399.000; a:68,597.000
  • Feb.21,2022: i:426,274.000; g: 1263.000;d:5909.000; r:353,211.000; a:67,150.000
  • Feb.22,2022: i:427,969.000; g: 1633.000;d:5924.000; r:355,928.000; a:66,116.000
  • Feb.23,2022: i:429,875.000; g: 1844.000;d:5936.000; r:358,483.000; a:65,456.000
  • Feb.24,2022: i:431,663.000; g: 1767.000;d:5947.000; r:360,771.000; a:64,944.000
  • Feb.25,2022: i:433,302.000; g: 1615.000;d:5957.000; r:362,934.000; a:64,411.000
  • Feb.26,2022: i:434,663.000; g: 1307.000;d:5963.000; r:364,655.000; a:64,044.000
  • Feb.27,2022: i:435,794.000; g: 1104.000;d:5968.000; r:366,186.000; a:63,640.000
  • Feb.28,2022: i:437,093.000; g: 1105.000;d:5975.000; r:368,449.000; a:62,669.000
  • Mar.01,2022: i:438,629.000; g: 1380.000;d:5984.000; r:371,042.000; a:61,603.000
  • Mar.02,2022: i:440,291.000; g: 1590.000;d:5992.000; r:372,993.000; a:61,305.000
  • Mar.03,2022: i:442,004.000; g: 1626.000;d:6001.000; r:374,925.000; a:61,078.000
  • Mar.04,2022: i:443,708.000; g: 1647.000;d:6009.000; r:376,679.000; a:61,019.000
  • Mar.05,2022: i:445,125.000; g: 1372.000;d:6015.000; r:378,177.000; a:60,933.000
  • Mar.06,2022: i:446,448.000; g: 1175.000;d:6020.000; r:379,521.000; a:60,907.000
  • Mar.07,2022: i:447,852.000; g: 1223.000;d:6027.000; r:381,929.000; a:59,896.000
  • Mar.08,2022: i:449,509.000; g: 1605.000;d:6036.000; r:383,877.000; a:59,597.000
  • Mar.09,2022: i:451,358.000; g: 1700.000;d:6043.000; r:385,806.000; a:59,508.000
  • Mar.10,2022: i:453,325.000; g: 1816.000;d:6051.000; r:387,541.000; a:59,743.000
  • Mar.11,2022: i:455,057.000; g: 1695.000;d:6057.000; r:389,015.000; a:59,985.000
  • Mar.12,2022: i:456,782.000; g: 1427.000;d:6062.000; r:390,359.000; a:60,360.000
  • Mar.13,2022: i:458,217.000; g: 1351.000;d:6066.000; r:391,510.000; a:60,641.000
  • Mar.14,2022: i:459,746.000; g: 1213.000;d:6067.000; r:393,190.000; a:60,688.000
  • Mar.15,2022: i:461,549.000; g: 1703.000;d:6073.000; r:394,903.000; a:60,573.000
  • Mar.16,2022: i:463,691.000; g: 1854.000;d:6080.000; r:396,412.000; a:61,199.000
  • Mar.17,2022: i:465,989.000; g: 2072.000;d:6087.000; r:397,789.000; a:62,103.000
  • Mar.18,2022: i:467,958.000; g: 1812.000;d:6093.000; r:399,268.000; a:62,577.000
  • Mar.19,2022: i:469,641.000; g: 1403.000;d:6098.000; r:400,391.000; a:63,152.000
  • Mar.20,2022: i:470,789.000; g: 1117.000;d:6101.000; r:407,055.000; a:57,634.000
  • Mar.21,2022: i:472,187.000; g: 1102.000;d:6105.000; r:408,502.000; a:57,579.000
  • Mar.22,2022: i:474,085.000; g: 1687.000;d:6122.000; r:410,119.000; a:57,844.000
  • Mar.23,2022: i:475,986.000; g: 1797.000;d:6128.000; r:411,481.000; a:58,378.000
  • Mar.24,2022: i:477,967.000; g: 1774.000;d:6138.000; r:412,835.000; a:58,994.000
  • Mar.25,2022: i:479,556.000; g: 1589.000;d:6142.000; r:414,173.000; a:59,240.000
  • Mar.26,2022: i:480,867.000; g: 1253.000;d:6146.000; r:415,321.000; a:59,401.000
  • Mar.27,2022: i:481,860.000; g: 0990.000;d:6148.000; r:416,327.000; a:59,385.000
  • Mar.28,2022: i:483,321.000; g: 1033.000;d:6152.000; r:417,676.000; a:59,493.000
  • Mar.29,2022: i:485,030.000; g: 1550.000;d:6156.000; r:420,669.000; a:58,205.000
  • Mar.30,2022: i:486,694.000; g: 1582.000;d:6162.000; r:422,031.000; a:58,501.000
  • Mar.31,2022: i:488,224.000; g: 1462.000;d:6167.000; r:423,390.000; a:58,668.000
  • Apr.01,2022: i:489,707.000; g: 1334.000;d:6171.000; r:424,568.000; a:58,968.000
  • Apr.02,2022: i:490,732.000; g: 1024.000;d:6174.000; r:425,624.000; a:58,934.000
  • Apr.03,2022: i:491,565.000; g: 0779.000;d:6176.000; r:426,472.000; a:58,917.000
  • Apr.04,2022: i:492,464.000; g: 0735.000;d:6179.000; r:427,764.000; a:58,521.000
  • Apr.05,2022: i:493,773.000; g: 1242.000;d:6183.000; r:429,442.000; a:58,147.000
  • Apr.06,2022: i:495,035.000; g: 1203.000;d:6191.000; r:430,707.000; a:58,134.000
  • Apr.07,2022: i:496,287.000; g: 1153.000;d:6195.000; r:431,978.000; a:58,114.000
  • Apr.08,2022: i:497,520.000; g: 1088.000;d:6199.000; r:433,158.000; a:58,164.000
  • Apr.09,2022: i:498,345.000; g: 0820.000;d:6201.000; r:443,307.000; a:48,837.000
  • Apr.10,2022: i:498,991.000; g: 0642.000;d:6203.000; r:448,261.000; a:44,527.000
  • Apr.11,2022: i:499,727.000; g: 0555.000;d:6206.000; r:449,506.000; a:44,015.000
  • Apr.12,2022: i:500,884.000; g: 1052.000;d:6211.000; r:450,989.000; a:43,684.000
  • Apr.13,2022: i:501,865.000; g: 0981.000;d:6214.000; r:452,043.000; a:43,608.000
  • Apr.14,2022: i:502,868.000; g: 0949.000;d:6218.000; r:453,189.000; a:43,461.000
  • Apr.15,2022: i:503,630.000; g: 0702.000;d:6220.000; r:454,032.000; a:43,377.000
  • Apr.16,2022: i:504,193.000; g: 0558.000;d:6222.000; r:454,845.000; a:43,127.000
  • Apr.17,2022: i:504,659.000; g: 0454.000;d:6223.000; r:455,512.000; a:42,923.000
  • Apr.18,2022: i:505,044.000; g: 0316.000;d:6225.000; r:456,517.000; a:42,303.000
  • Apr.19,2022: i:505,872.000; g: 0603.000;d:6228.000; r:457,918.000; a:41,727.000
  • Apr.20,2022: i:506,805.000; g: 0906.000;d:6232.000; r:458,957.000; a:41,617,000
  • Apr.21,2022: i:507,700.000; g: 0818.000;d:6236.000; r:459,971.000; a:41,439,000
  • Apr.22,2022: i:508,510.000; g: 0681.000;d:6240.000; r:460,887.000; a:41,383,000
  • Apr.23,2022: i:509,066.000; g: 0549.000;d:6242.000; r:461,485.000; a:41,339,000
  • Apr.24,2022: i:509,473.000; g: 0402.000;d:6243.000; r:463,049.000; a:41,181,000
  • Apr.24,2022: i:509,473.000; g: 0402.000;d:6243.000; r:463,049.000; a:41,181,000
  • Apr.25,2022: i:509,963.000; g: 0385.000;d:6245.000; r:463,074.000; a:40,664,000
  • Apr.26,2022: i:510,758.000; g: 0635.000;d:6250.000; r:464,071.000; a:40,436,000
  • Apr.27,2022: i:511,421.000; g: 0663.000;d:6253.000; r:464,987.000; a:40,181,000
  • Apr.28,2022: i:512,105.000; g: 0644.000;d:6256.000; r:465,885.000; a:39,963,000
  • Apr.29,2022: i:512,805.000; g: 0583.000;d:6259.000; r:466,655.000; a:39,891,000
  • Apr.30,2022: i:513,234.000; g: 0423.000;d:6261.000; r:467,158.000; a:39,815,000
  • May 01,2022: i:513,543.000; g: 0295.000;d:6262.000; r:467,602.000; a:39,679,000
  • May 02,2022: i:513,921.000; g: 0277.000;d:6263.000; r:468,349.000; a:39,309,000
  • May 03,2022: i:514,576.000; g: 0601.000;d:6266.000; r:469,169.000; a:39,142,000
  • May 04,2022: i:515,226.000; g: 0604.000;d:6269.000; r:469,867.000; a:39,090,000
  • May 05,2022: i:515,809.000; g: 0556.000;d:6269.000; r:470,528.000; a:39,009,000
  • May 06,2022: i:516,494.000; g: 0513.000;d:6275.000; r:471,160.000; a:39,060,000
  • May 07,2022: i:516,904.000; g: 0405.000;d:6276.000; r:471,603.000; a:39,025,000
  • May 08,2022: i:517,213.000; g: 0306.000;d:6276.000; r:471,888.000; a:39,048,000
  • May 09,2022: i:517,649.000; g: 0335.000;d:6278.000; r:472,477.000; a:38,894,000
  • May 10,2022: i:518,345.000; g: 0596.000;d:6280.000; r:473,245.000; a:38,819,000
  • May 11,2022: i:519,001.000; g: 0576.000;d:6282.000; r:473,856.000; a:38,873,000
  • May 12,2022: i:519,658.000; g: 0600.000;d:6284.000; r:474,462.000; a:38,911,000
  • May 13,2022: i:520,279.000; g: 0537.000;d:6287.000; r:474,954.000; a:39,038,000
  • May 14,2022: i:521,188.000; g: 0321.000;d:6288.000; r:491,736.000; a:23,163,000
  • May 15,2022: i:522,863.000; g: 0737.000;d:6291.000; r:492,885.000; a:23,688,000
  • May 16,2022: i:522,909.000; g: 0752.000;d:6291.000; r:492,915.000; a:23,703,000
  • May 17,2022: i:523,784.000; g: 0836.000;d:6292.000; r:493,727.000; a:23,765,000
  • May 18,2022: i:524,699.000; g: 0771.000;d:6295.000; r:494,495.000; a:23,909,000
  • May 19,2022: i:525,544.000; g: 0794.000;d:6297.000; r:495,329.000; a:23,918,000

May 19,2022: In what follows we are listing the 30 countries with the largest total number of infections, and are marking countries with a daily growth below 500 with a *, countries with growth of over 3.000 and below 20.000 compared to the last entry with a +, with a growth above 20.000 with ++, with no new figure with a ?.

With 84,799.000 total infections so far, and 88.000 new infections since the last day the (1) USA++ is the country with the largest number of confirmed cases. Active cases are now 2,279.000. Concerning total infections, (2) India+ 43,132.000, (3) Brazil+ 30,752.000, (4) France++ 29,291.000, (5) Germany++ 26,013.000, (6) UK+ 22,232.000; (7) Russia+ 18,279.000, (8) S.Korea++ 17,890.000, (9) Italy++ 17,178.000, (10) Turkey 15,050.000, (11) Spain? 12,179.000, (12) Vietnam 10,705.000, (13) Argentina? 9,135.000, (14) Japan++ 8,475.000, (15) Netherlands 8,074.000, (16) Iran* 7,229.000, (17) Australia++ 6,814.000, (18) Colombia 6,099.000, (19) Indonesia* 6,052.000, (20) Poland* 6,005.000, (21) Mexico? 5,752.000, (22) Ukraine? 5,009.000, (23) Malaysia 4,485.000, (24) Thailand+ 4,395.000, (25) Austria+ 4,226.000, (26) Belgium 4,134.000, (27) Israel 4,117.000, (28) Portugal? 3,936.000, (29) Czechia* 3,917.000, (30) South Africa+ 3,915.000. There are 11 more countries with a total of more than 2 million, and 23 more countries with a total of over 1 million infections.