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Technische Universität Wien#

University of Technology, Vienna, founded in 1815 as Polytechnic Institute (by J. J. Prechtl); at first, it consisted of a Realschulesecondary school, a department of commerce and a department of technology, and was in fact a combination an institute of higher learning, museum ( Vienna Museum of Technology) and an academy. In 1818, it moved into the newly erected buildings on Karlsplatz square. The organisational structure of the university underwent profound changes in the second half of the 19th century, when the Realschule and the department of commerce were closed down (in 1851 and 1865 respectively), the professional drawing courses abandoned (1869) and the technological collections transferred to the Technologisches Gewerbemuseum (Technological Grammar School) in 1893. In 1865, it was given the right to elect a rector (5 "technical colleges"), from 1872 to 1975, it was called "Technische Hochschule", in 1878, state examinations were introduced (since 1917, successful candidates have been awarded the title of "Ingenieur" (engineer)); since 1901 right to confer doctorates; in 1928 the technical colleges were renamed faculties, in 1955 it was organised into 3 faculties; in 1975, it was transformed into a University of Technology with currently 5 faculties: Architecture and Land Development, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Technical Sciences.


150 Jahre Technische Hochschule in Wien 1815-1965, 1965.