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Alessandro Orologio: Intrada#

Alessandro Orologio: Intrada
Depiction of Alessandro Orologio: "Intrada"

Alessandro Orologio (1550/60 Friuli - 1633 Vienna?) was a member of the trumpet corps at the court Rudolf II in Prague, before he became vice-chapelmaster there in 1603, after shorter stays at other courts. The Intradae (printed: Helmstedt 1597) are dedicated to the Danish King and music-patron Christian IV. The individual pieces are mostly in three parts and belong to the oldest printed instrumental works of this kind. Although it wasn't common in those days to specify the instruments for performance, it is still possible to determine his intentions according to certain characteristics; he expected them to be played by cornetts, trombones and trumpets. (E. Stadler)

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Alessandro Orologio: Intrada
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