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Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber: Sonata VIII a. d. Sonatae a Violino solo#

Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber
Fig. a

Sonatae a Violino solo
Fig. b

Facsimile of Sonata VIII.
Fig. c

The violin is the most important instrument in the compositions of Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber (1644 Wartenberg/Bohmia - 1704 Salzburg). The original print of the Sonatae a Violino solo of 1681 uses three staffs which is the way a Trio Sonata was notated but in this case the violinist has to play the other voices too. (Virtuosentum des 17. Jhs.).

a) H. I. F. Biber, Engraving by Paul Seel on the frontispiece of the Violin sonates,

b) Titlepage of the Sonatae a Violino solo,

c) Facsimile of Sonata VIII. (E. Stadler)


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