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Middle Ages/Buerger und Bauern#

Arnold von Bruck: Mitten wir im Leben#

Arnold von Bruck
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Arnold von Bruck
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Arnold von Bruck
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Arnold von Bruck (ca 1500 Bruge/Flanders - 1554 Linz/Upper Austria), was a composer from the Low Countries who served the Hapsburgers starting in 1506. His sacred compositions were used by Catholics and Protestants alike. (cf. Fritzius), although he was, of course a Catholicob as the court chapelmaster. The text to his "Mitten wir im Leben"(In the middle of our lefe) was written by Martin Luther. The theme of a Dance of Death appears both in literature and painting around the year 1350 and may refer to the custom of funeral dances. Such dances were however prohibited by the Church because they derived from pagan customs. In a Dance of Death, representatives of the various social classes follow the figure of Death, who leads them in a little dance, while playing an instrument. This subject is rare in Austria except for some romantic imitations in the 19th c. (Ill: Charnel house in Metnitz/Carinthia ca 1490). (E. Stadler)

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