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Middle Ages/Hoefische Kultur#

Moench von Salzburg: Kuehhorn#

Mondsee-Wiener-Liederhandschrift (Mondsee-Vienna-song manuscript)

The so-called "Moench von Salzburg" (2nd half of the 14th c.) is one of the poets of the Late Middle Ages whose poetry contrasts to those of his predecessors by the use of early polyphony. The monk was a poet at the court of Pilgrim II of Puchheim, the Archbishop of Salzburg. His secular and church songs were well-known and popular as is proven by their inclusion in over 100 manuscripts of the day. The best-known manuscript source is the so-called Mondsee-Wiener-Liederhandschrift (Mondsee-Vienna-song manuscript) of the Salzburger Goldschmidt, Peter Spoerl, which is the source of this illustration. The Kuehhorn (Cow's horn) is a parody of the genre called the "Taglied" or "Morning Song," which places the awakening of the lovers in the afternoon hours. (E. Stadler)

Sound Clip#

Tagelied-Parodie "Kuehhorn"
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