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Former Collaborator Hermann Maurer#

Prof. Dr. Hermann Maurer highlights IIASA research on the Austria-Forum. More on this platform and its goals may be found below.#

Hermann Maurer, Foto: © Hermann Maurer
Hermann Maurer
Foto: © Hermann Maurer

The Austria-Forum is an online collection of reference works in both German and English on Austria-related topics. There are currently over 910,000 media objects freely accessible on the platform.

Prof. Dr. Hermann Maurer founded this forum in 2009 to provide quality controlled information, rather than anonymous information whose origins are unknown, for schools and the interested public. His goal is to fight against doubtful information and fake news. “The Austria-Forum is proud to make selected IIASA Options magazines as well as selected stories from the IIASA Analyst and Alumni Newsletter available to its readership,” states Maurer.

If you are interested in making a contribution to 'Stories of Change' or would like to provide feedback, please send an email to Hermann Maurer.