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Anerbenrecht (farm estate succession laws): term covering all of the legal regulations which guarantee the ability to transfer an undivided farm estate (hereditary farm) to one of several successors. These laws are set forth for the provinces of Burgenland, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Styria and Vienna in the Bundes-Anerbengesetz (Federal Law on Farm Estate Succession) of 1958, for Tyrol in the Hoefegesetz (Law on Farms) of 1900 and for Carinthia in the Anerbengesetz (Law on Farm Estate Succession) of 1903. Austrian farm estate succession laws are optional, i.e. the testator may disregard the legal regulations. The 1989 amendment to these laws (Anerbenrecht-Gesetznovelle) further lowered the "minimum" for hereditary farms, as well as eliminating disadvantages for illegitimate children; in addition, a new type of hereditary farm was created which can be owned jointly by a parent and child.

Further reading#

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