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Boeckstein, province of Salzburg, spa at the meeting point of the Nassfelder Ache, a river in Carinthia, and the Anlauftal Valley south of Bad Gastein, cadastral district of the municipality of Bad Gastein. - Tunnel spa, loading station for the Tauern railway tunnel Boeckstein-Mallnitz (Carinthia), storage power plants B. (built in 1981, 106,840 MWh) and Nassfeld-B. (built in 1982, 12,940 MWh). Former centre of goldmining in the Tauern mountains, first mining regulations issued in 1342, mining activities continued (with interruptions) until 1944. Tunnel is medically beneficial (former goldmining tunnel, therapeutic use since 1952, 37-42°C, radon gas used for treatment of rheumatic ailments and inflamed tissue.) - Early classicist parish church (1764-1767), Czernin hunting lodge (1902), historical mining settlement (Baroque origins, but renovated in the 19/20th centuries).