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Berger, Peter Ludwig#

Berger, Peter Ludwig, b. Vienna, March 17, 1929, social scientist. Emigrated shortly after the end of World War II to the USA, where he completed his studies in the social sciences. 1956-1958 assistant professor at the University of North Carolina and 1958-1963 at the Hartford Theological Seminary. Afterwards professor at the New School for Social Research, at Rutgers University, New Jersey, and at Boston College. Since 1981 professor of sociology and theology at Boston University; since 1985 Director of the Institute for the Study of Economic Culture. One of his special areas of interest is the role of Protestantism in creating a sense of meaning in modern economically-oriented societies. Awarded numerous international academic prizes; Wittgenstein Prize 2000.


Invitation to Sociology, 1963 (Einladung zur Soziologie, 1966); The Social Construction of Reality, 1966 (Die soziale Konstruktion der Realitaet, 1969); The Sacred Canopy, 1967 (Zur Dialektik von Religion und Gesellschaft, 1973); A Rumor of Angels, 1969 (Auf den Spuren der Engel, 1970); Sociology - A Biographical Approach, 1972 (Wir und die Gesellschaft, 1976); The Capitalist Revolution, 1986 (Die kapitalistische Revolution, 1991); A Far Glory, 1993 (Sehnsucht nach Sinn, 1994); Redeeming Laughter, 1997 (Erloesendes Lachen, 1998).