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Vegetables: In Austria the area used for agricultural and commercial vegetable growing was 9,453 ha in 1998, 588 ha of which is under glass or plastic foil; 427,012 tons of vegetables were produced, of which 337,228 tons were the yield of field cropping (8,865 ha). About 410,000 tons of vegetables were imported. The annual per capita consumption of vegetables was 93.1 kg in 1998, the degree of self-sufficiency 64 %.

Traditional vegetable growing areas: eastern Weinviertel, Marchfeld, the plateau flanked by the rivers Traun and Enns, Eferding Basin, northern Flachgau, upper Inn valley, Rhine plain, Klagenfurt Basin, Styrian Alpine foothills and especially the northern parts of Burgenland, with Neusiedl as a centre of early vegetable growing. In larger towns and cities vegetable growing in market gardens (greenhouses and foil cultivation) is quite common, e.g. in the Vienna districts of Simmering, Kagran, Essling and Erlaa. Some vegetables are mainly grown in specific areas: Wagram (asparagus), Marchfeld (onions, asparagus), Styria (horseradish, chinese cabbage), Tulln Basin (cabbage, spinach), Weinviertel (garlic), around Neusiedl (lettuce).