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Gran, Daniel#

Gran, Daniel, b. Vienna, May 22, 1694, d. St. Poelten (Lower Austria), April 16, 1757, painter. Next to P. Troger one of the most significant painters of Austrian baroque painting during the 1st half of the 18th century. Studied in Italy (under S. Ricci and F. Solimena), worked for his patron, Prince Schwarzenberg, and the Imperial Court. Moved to St. Poelten in 1744/45. His works are influenced both by the abundance of colour of the Venetian painter Ricci, and the dark colours and the heavy, measured figures characteristic of the Neapolitan Solimena; tendency of representative severity and diagonally-rhombic forms of composition. His later works are marked by tight and simple forms of composition and colouring, paving the way for classicism in Austria (had a special influence on B. Altomonte).


frescoes: Gartenpalais Schwarzenberg (large parts destroyed in 1945), Prunksaal of the National Library (both in Vienna); Eckartsau castle, pilgrimage church Sonntagberg, cathedral in St. Poelten, Kaisersaal in the monastery of Klosterneuburg (all in Lower Austria); Neues Rathaus and Landhaussaal in Brno. - Altar paintings: churches in the monasteries of Herzogenburg and Lilienfeld, cathedral in St. Poelten (Lower Austria); Annakirche church (Vienna). - Self portrait in the monastery of Herzogenburg.


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