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Rudolf IV. der Stifter#

b. Nov. 1, 1339, d. Milan (Italy), July 27, 1365, eldest son of Duke Albrecht II, brother of Albrecht III and Leopold III. From 1358 Duke, 1362 temporarily secured Friuli and in 1363 the Tyrol, founded Vienna University in 1365 and arranged for the construction of St. Stephen's Cathedral to be continued. Documents were forged on his order ( Privilegium maius). 1364 entered into a contract of succession with his father-in-law Emperor Karl IV, 1364 set up the Rudolfinische Hausordnung (agreement on the possession and the law of succession of the Habsburg territories) together with his brothers Albrecht III and Leopold III. Buried in St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna. Monuments in Vienna at the Singertor entrance to St. Stephen's, in front of the Town Hall and in the ceremonial hall of the University. His portrait was the first to be painted of a prince in Central Europe.


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