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Traun, Stadt#

Traun, Upper Austria, town in the district of Linz Land, alt. 276 m, pop. 22,260, area 15.45 km2, situated on the River Traun between Wels and Linz. - District Commission, branch office, employment services and health insurance office, psychiatric ward of the Wagner-Jauregg-Hospital Linz, social centre, Caritas, Bundesrealgymnasium secondary school, commercial academy, town gallery, sports centre and district sport facilities, waterworks; in 1991 56% of the 10,236 gainfully employed people worked in industry and trade: plastics industry (windows) and metal working (die casting, vehicles), specialised paper mill, optical works, production of sports goods, food, beverage and tobacco industry, trade. Traun was chartered in 1973. - Neo-Gothic parish church (1882-1890) with wooden statue from 15th  century; palace (rectangular building from the second half of the 16th  century) with renovated manor house.


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