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Ich bin ein freier Bauernknecht#

Dulamans Vroeudenton

A song from the manuscript of a collection of songs made by the Benedictine monk Johannes Werlin of Seeon (1646). The text refers to the "freedom" of a farmer (serf) in relation to the nobility which had to be redefined regularly after the farmer wars of 1525 but were only really put into effect under Emperor Joseph II. Ill.: The ensemble Dulamans Vroeudenton in historiscal costumes. (E. Stadler)


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© Sound: Dulamans Vröudenton Thuet auff, CD-Nr. Domino 700.018.

© Picture: Dulamans Vröudenton (p.A. Thomas Schallaböck, Erzabt-Klotz-Straße 27. A-5020 Salzburg).