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Arbeitsgruppe 4#

Arbeitsgruppe 4, architects' group, founded 1950 by pupils of C. Holzmeister at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Its members were W. Holzbauer (until 1964), F. Kurrent and J. Spalt. Otto Leithner was a member until 1953. The Arbeitsgruppe 4 distinguished itself through innovative buildings and plans for the construction of religious and residential buildings, town planning and school construction and began the critical reappraisal of Austrian Modernism in architecture.


Buildings: Parish church of Salzburg-Parsch, 1953-1956; Ennsleiten ministry centre (with J. G. Gsteu), 1958-1961, 1970/71; St. Josef theological college, Salzburg-Aigen, 1961-1964. - Exhibitions: Wien um 1900 (Vienna around 1900), 1964; Internationale Kirchenbauausstellung (International religious architecture exhibition), 1966.