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Bucklige Welt#

Bucklige Welt, hill country on the Alpenostrand, wooded upland area in the south-eastern part of Lower Austria, between the Semmering pass (in the west), the Rosaliengebirge Mountains and the Oberpullendorf Basin (in the east) and the mountainous Wechsel region (in the south); around 400-800 m high. Geologically the Bucklige Welt belongs to the Central Alps. The landscape is characterised by wide valleys and numerous mountain tops formed by coarse gneiss; to the north it is drained by the River Pitten, and to the south by the River Rabnitz and the Zoebernbach stream. Main towns: Aspang-Markt in the Pitten Valley and Kirchschlag in der Buckligen Welt in the Zoebern Valley.