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Doellersheim, former market town in Lower Austria, district of Zwettl, 1934: pop. 754, 173 houses, area 13.97 km2. The whole area between Allentsteig and Kamp, Zwettl Monastery and Neupoella (42 villages, 6 farm buildings, 10 mills, 1,389 buildings, pop. 6,800, alt. 470-630 m) was cleared from 1938 on and used as a Training Area by the German Wehrmacht. In 1941/42 the municipality was dissolved and a military district created instead. From 1945 to 1955 the military training area was used by the Soviet army, since 1957 used by the Austrian army, reduced in size to 157 km2 and named after Allentsteig. The church and cemetery in Doellersheim have been renovated and the ruins of the Citizens' hospital preserved.


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